[PW!] Mt. Moon, Where the Clefairy Grow on Trees

The entire group had Boulder Badges, so they left Pewter City.
"What's with Ariel?" asked Score. The Vaporeon was looking mighty sad.
"Aww, she's mad because Brock didn't have any of his famous Pokéchow to give her. It's her favorite food." replied John.
The group continued, and along the way thouroughly trounced the
trainers that challenged them. Soon they were at the entrance to Mt. Moon.
A quick Pokécenter recharge, and the group entered.
"John, why did you buy that Magikarp? It was a ripoff." Jamie inquired.
"Simple," said John, bringing Magikarp out of it's Pokéball, "look at these scales. They're harder then the average fish. This Magikarp is very close to evolving, two levels to be exact. The salesman was ripped off, not me."
Returning Renta (the Magikarp) to it's Pokéball, John noticed a couple of Clefairys nearby. "Huh? Where did they come from? I don't see any tunnels or crevicis (sp?) they could have used."
Another look , and three more Clefairy appeared. "Hey! What's going on here?" piped Pipian.
Clefairy started coming out of the woodwork, and soon the group was surrounded. "I don't think they want to play," said Jamie, sweatdropping.
A strange man wearing glasses appeared. "What are you doing here?" he asked.
"Huh? Seymour the Scientist?" pondered Tiki.
"You know this guy?" asked Orion.
"No, but Ash's stories talked about Seymour, a scientist who decided to live with the Clefairy of Mount Moon. Noone said he was crazy, though."
"I AM NOT CRAZY!" shouted Seymour. "GET THEM!"

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