[PW!] The Beginning of Mewtwo's Truth

      Tiki stood inside the Pewter Gym, everyone else had a bloulder badge, Brock looked at Tiki expectantly, "Well shall we?" Brock asked implying a battle.
      "Thanks, but no thanks I don't much feel like a gym battle today, I feel like we better get going." Tiki replied.
      "But Tiki don't you need a Boulder Badge?" Pipian asked confused.       "True but you forget I have a bird that can fly upto Mach 2 I can come back here whenever I please." Tiki said petting Bullseye on the head.
      "PIDGEEEOOOOOOTTTT (You darn straight)!!!" Then as to show off Bullseye flew up into the air and dive bombed stopping just in time.       "Pidgey pidgey (Show off)" Spanky said.
      "PIDEOT PIDG (What did you say twerp)?!?!?"  Bullseye retorted.       "PIDGEEEY PIDGEYYY PIDGE (WHP YOU CALLIN A TWIRP ASS MAN)!!!!"       "PIDGEOOOOTTTT (You wanna go???)" Bullseye yelled, "PIDGEOT PIDGE PIDGE, PIDG P P IDG IDG (COME ON LETS GO I'VE HAD BIGGER PIECES OF CRAP THAN YOU!!!!)"
      "Alright that's enough," Tiki said as he returned Bullseye, and Score did the same.  "Anyway, the point I'm making is I can come here whenevr I want, since Bullseye now knows where it is."
      After that everyone said goodbye to Brock and walked out.  "Jey I don't know about you guys but I'm kinda tired," Jamie said, "How about we stay at the Pokeceneter tonight?" She suggested.
      "Sounds good to me," Orion replied.  Everyone else replied. They walked to the Pokecenter gave Joy their Pokemon and settled down, "I think I'll go for a walk," Tiki said.
      "Alright have fun," Jamie replied.  Tiki put on his shades to block the settiong sun, he walked out opf the pokecenter with his backpack still on.
      He had been walking for some time, he was about to turn around when out of nowhere a person rammed into him, "Hey get out of the way, kids no respect for their elders."  An old womens voice said.       Tiki turned around to apologize to see and old woman hunched over a cane, Tiki immediatly recognized her, "Hey your the lady from my vision,"  as Tiki finished the woman whirled around and looked at Tiki she turned ghost white.
      "NO NO NOT YOU GET AWAY FROM ME I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE HERE TO DO GET AWAY!!!" At this the woman took off running, she ran very fast for an old lady, Tiki ran after her.
      "I don't know who you're thinking of but I don't want to hurt you."  It took some doing but Tiki eventually managed to get the lady into an ally way.
      "Stay back, I'm warning you." The old lady held up her cane and it started glowing, she then unleashed a ball of blue light at Tiki, Tiki dodged to the left just having it miss.
      "AHHH A psychic well I'll fix that," Tiki replied reaching into the bag.
      "Get away from me you murderer, you won't kill me!!!!" The old lady yelled.
      Tiki produced the small black box, and turned it on, "There lets see you use your powers now."
      "What that box won't work on me, you think a psychic, AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH, you really don't know, do you?!?!?!??!"       "Know what?"  Tiki replied.
      The woman's face lit up, "Then it's not to late to undo what i did so long ago.  First you must know that I had no choice, I was young and stupid also, Mewtwo lied to me.  It was so long ago, I had no idea what he was going to do with it either.  You must remember, I was so youthful then but the Magiks, drained my youth."
      "What Magiks, what are you some Magician, Magic doesn't exsost what do you think I am some little kid?"  Tiki retorted thinking the woman mad.
      "Silent I don't have much time they must have followed you they know where I am, you must know that you are...."  Just then four or five bullets wizzed into the womans left side, ripping through her flesh.
        "HOLY SHIT!!!!!" Tiki yelled as he jumped back, the woman fell on him.
        "AHHHHH, lisyen, you must know the truth, beware yourself, do not listen to Mewtwo, look for the Pikachu, he is the one to save you, cherish your humannnnnittttyyyy!!!!!!" The woman died in Tiki arms then she simply dissaperead.
        Tiki was shocked he didn't know what to think or do, he looked for the gunman but didn't see anyone, not being able to think of anything he simply heasded back towards the Pokecenter, hoping that his friends could provide some reasoning and comfort.

Continued By: Ig88sw82

Jamie, Pipian, John and Score were just retrieving their healed Pokémon from Nurse Joy when Tiki burst through the doors.
  Jamie was the first to notice. "Tiki, you're as pale as a Ghastly, what's going on?"
  "Yeah Tiki, what's up?" added John.
  "I... the old woman... she... and Mewtwo... I, I..." Tiki was so shocked by what he saw that he couldn't form any coherent sentences.
  "Tiki, maybe you should get some rest," said Jamie. "We'll head out to Mt. Moon tomorrow."
  The group held Tiki's hands and led him to the motel across the street.   Jamie broke off from the others. "You guys go ahead, I'll catch up."   "Where are you going?" asked Score.
  "I, uh, have some business to catch up on. It won't take long, I promise," and she ran down a side alley.
Moments later, after making sure she wasn't followed, Jamie entered a small door in an abandoned, burned-down building.
  As she searched through the decaying corridors, she finally found a door with the faded label, "Team Rocket Lab, Pewter City Division". Jamie opened the door and stepped in, locking it behind her.
  <Were you followed?>
  Jamie gave a psychic response. <They don't suspect a thing, Lord Mewtwo.>   <Good,> he said. <You have served me well, child. Much better than the one called John. Your battle with him proved you worthy of serving me.>   <Uh, my lord, about my reward...>
  <Patience, my child. Once my plan has taken fruition, all shall be in order, and you will have as you wish.>
  <Thank you, master,> and her eyes glowed a deep purple as she returned to the others.

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