[PW!] Mt. Moon Mayhem

    RECAP: Jamie is Mewtwo's newest spy, Tiki was just about to here Mewtwo's "Truth" from and old "Magician" when she was killed by five gunshots.  Oh and yes Icy was right in his res[pnse to my post, this is (hopefully) going to be something BIG.  Oh yeah we're also in Mount Moon and Seymour has just sicked his horde of Clefairy on us.
      "GET THEM!!!!" Seymour yelled.  The Clefairy just looked at each other and  shrugged, "AWWWWWW, come on, just this once do what I ask you to do, PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!!!" Seymour begged but the Clefairy just sat down and started playing patty cake with one another.
      "Hahahahahaha!!!!!" John laughed, "Your not their trainer, just leave them be."
      Hearing, the Clefairy from inside her Pokeball, Charm's the pokeball fell and the Clefable apperead, "Clefable, clefable fable fable. (YEAH IM BACK HOME), FABLE fable fable (Hello everyone I'm back)."
      All the Clefairy jumped up and ran up and ran to their old friend, who used to be a Clefairy.  After all the Clefairy had remarked on how strong Charm looked now Charm explained what had happened to her and how Tiki had found her, and made her very powerful.
      After the Clefiary were finished some wild Clefable apperead and said hello to their old friend as well, the Clefable were much more shy than the Clefairy, because they were and even greater Trainer commotity.     One of the Clefairy walked up to Charm and said something to her, Charm then conveyed the message to Tiki, the Clefairys and Clefable wanted to lead the gang through the cave.  The gang started walking, Charm said she wanted to get some rest so she went into her pokeball. Anyway after some time the gang heard a loud "CRASH!!!!!"  to their right.  They spun around and saw Tilk and Cross standing there with a pair of Bazzoka's, and large amount of Jigglypuff, and Wigglytuff, as well.  "Hello, there Tiki, how are you, did you enjoy watching that old woman die in your arms?" Cross asked, "I would have killd you but it's against orders, Boss thinks that you have a chance yet, a chance for what I don't know." Cross notices everyone staring at the Wigglytuff, and Jigglypuff, "Oh yes how silly of me, this is the rebel Jigglypuff, and Wigglytuff called the Tuuf an dPuff gang, they want to capture Mount Moon from the Clefairy and Clefable, so we agreed to help them if they helped us." Cross finished, then Tilk and him aimed their bazookas at the Clefairy and Clefable, they fired and large elctric enegry nets were fired they hit the Clefairy and Clefable incompasitating them. Then the Puff and Tuff Gang (P.T.G) jumped down, some of them ran down the loose Clefairy and Clefable, but most of them ran up and surronded the gang.
    Tiki had his staff out but could not bring himself to hit Pokemon, even if they did have black face paint on and were equipped with knifes and chains.  "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!?!?!?!" Tiki yelled.
    "Quite simple..... Y O U." Tilk replied, "You surrender yourself and we let your friends leave un-harmed.
    "SCREW YOU!!!!!" Tiki replied. "I'm going to fight to the end," Tiki yelled.
    "We thought you might say that," Cross replied he nodded and some of the P.T.G swung saome chains wrapping Tiki up at the ankles, then some grabbed his wrist making him drop his staff, then they started singing, Tiki tried to resist the song, using his powers, everyone else fainted, then one of his Pokeballs started wiggiling, Charm fell out of the pokeball and apperead infuriated.
      "Charm get out of here!!!" Tiki yelled.
      "CLEFABLE CLEFABLE, fable fable fab ble (I don't think so, as my friend Bullseye would say.... IT"S ASS KICKING TIME)!!!!"  Charm unleashed a psychic at the singing Pokemon to shut them up.  However from behind Charm a Wigglytuff smacked Charm in the back with a chain knocking Charm forward a few feet.
      "Clefable cle cle fable cle clefable (Maybe not... but I bet me and my friends can." Then Charm grabbed Tiki's nearby staff used it as a lance to joust through the gang.  Then used it as a Pole Vault, to go hurtiling up into the air,  Still holding onto it, when she got over the energy nets she threw the staff down at the nets causing them to short out, the Clefairy and Clefable jumped out.  And the ensuing battle was quite tremendous.  Meanwhile Tiki grabbed his staff and sent out his other pokemon (minus Sinder he's still too hurt). The four Pokemon apperead and then Tiki started running towards Tilk and Cross.       "Uhhhh, I think now would be a good time to depart." Tilk commented.
      "I agree." Cross said, then they pushed a button and they teleported away.  Then the P.T.G seeing their back up was gone also retreated.
      After much congrats. and Tiki waking everyone else, the Clefairy and Clefbale finished showing the group out of the mountain. Seymour had gotten over being called insane, "Ceruleun isn't too far off, you can make it in less than a days travel," Seymour said.
      They all thanked the Mount. Moon pokemon again, and then left, on their way to Ceruleun Tiki simply petted Charm on the head, and said nothing.

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