[PW!] Tiki's Not The Only One Who Can Get Favors!

"Ahhh, Cerulean. Smell that fresh. . . ewww!" John had just stepped in fresh dung... Eevee, he thinks.
"Well, we're hear, now what?"asked Pipian.
"Well, we need to enter the Cave, and we also need Cascade Badges." Tiki said. "But the question is, how do we enter the cave? None of us is the Pokémon Master."
"How soon they forget! As a Laramie, I have friends in high places."
John walked to the nearest phone, plunked in a coin, and dialed a number.
"Indigo Plateau, can I help you?" asked Nurse Joy."
"Yes, can you get Ash Ketchum on the phone? I'd like to talk to him."
"I'm sorry, but Mr. Ketchum is not here."
"Huh? What do you mean?"
"Well, since their embarrassing defeat to Natasha and Tenchi, the Elite Four have trashed all competitors. Noone's gotten close to Ash, so he went to Cerulean to visit Misty."
"Oh, well, thank you anyways." John hung up, then walked back to the group. "Perfect! Ash is here, and we can get our badges."
"What do you want with him anyways?" asked Jamie.
"A few months back I saved his butt from a herd of rampaging Tauros. He owes me a favor. With any luck, he'll give us entry to the cave."
The group went to the gym. Entering, John called out, "Hello? Misty, Ash, it's John Laramie." A little egg appeared and ran over to John, then started using his tail as a maypole ribbon. "Togi togi briiii!"
"Togepi, come back here... John? Is that you? Ash, John Laramie's here!"
The Gym Leader and Pokémon Master appeared. "John! How are you?" Ash shouted.
"I'm okay, but I'd like to take you up on that favor you owe me, Ash"
Ash sweatdropped. "Dohh, I was hoping you'd forgot about that."
"Not on your life. If it weren't for me, you would've been squashed flatter then a crepe suzette. Anyways, do you think you can give us entry to the Unknown Dungeon? We need to check out Mewtwo's old hiding place."
"Well, okay. But Pikachu and I have to go with you. League rules, you know."
It was the group's turn to sweatdrop. Just what they needed, a dunce and a hyperactive rodent.
"Fine. Misty, I also challenge you for a Cascade Badge!"
"No problem, 3 on 3. Let's battle!"
"Er, before we do, could you grab Togepi before I have Flash serve him sunny-side up?" The little Pokémon was still having fun playing Raichu Tail Maypole. Misty grabbed him and gave him to Ash.
"Misty calls, Staryu!" "Wraps, let's do it! Absorb!"
Wraps let loose an orb. It hit Staryu, sucking energy. "Wraps, Bind!"
"Ackk, Staryu, Tackle!" Staryu smacked Wraps, sending the Tangela crashing into a wall. "Ohhh, Wraps, return! Go, Spark! Use
Thundershock!" "Jolteon!"
Spark released a lightning bolt. It hit Staryu, fainting it. "Staryu, return! Misty calls... Psyduck, not you! Ohh, there's that headache you always give me!"
John knew better then to attack Psyduck head (no pun intended) on, so he yelled, "Spark, knock Psyduck into the water, then Thundershock!" Spark replied, then served up K.F.P for lunch. "Psyduck, return! Misty calls, Starmie!" "Spark, enough! Ariel, do your stuff!"
The Vaporeon and Starmie started up a staring contest. Eventually, Starmie attacked first, releasing a Swift Attack. Ariel was knocked around. "Ariel, shrug it off! Bite attack!" Ariel ran across the room, avoiding another Swift. Then, she sunk her teeth into Starmie, and tossed it across the room. "Ariel. finish it off! Ice Beam!" Starmie didn't even hit the ground before it was frozen in ice.
Misty recalled Starmie, then gave John a Cascade Badge.
"Good match, who's up now?"

Continued By: Ig88sw82

"I'll take that challenge!" said Jamie.
  "Fine. Hows about a two-on-two?"
  "You're the gym leader."
After Misty healed her Pokémon, both her and Jamie stood on opposite ends of the swimming pool. "Go Goldeen!"
  "Weedle, I choose you!"
  Misty smirked. "Goldeen, use the Peck attack!"
  Jamie had forgotten about Goldeen's flying attack, which was sure to make short order of her Weedle.
  "Weedle, String Shot!" she yelled.
  Goldeen spun out of the water, then began a graceful dive toward Jamie's bug. As it got close, however, Weedle spit its string straight at the fish, covering it with the sticky substance. The now-blinded Goldeen fell like a rock back into the pool.
  "Aah! Stupid bug!" yelled Misty.
  Ash lowered his head in disgust. "Not this again!"
  "Pika Pi!" agreed his Pikachu.
  "Quiet you two! I just hate bugs! Goldeen, Waterfall!"   The mess of string that was Goldeen shook itself off and was ready to fight again. It began to swim in circles around the platform containing Weedle.   "Weedle, Poison Sting, now!"
  Weedle lowered its head, brandishing its stinger to anyone that dared to get too close. Goldeen kept swimming around, and around, and around, and around, until Weedle began to get dizzy.
  "Now, Goldeen!"
  Instantly, the pool's water was blasted upward, then came crashing down on poor Weedle. If Jamie hadn't called it back, it would have drowned.   "Great. Go Magnemite!"
  The magnetic Pokémon dove forward, emitting its powerful thundershock.   Goldeen was shot out of the pool, cooked to a golden brown.
  "Let's go, Starmie!"
  Her multi-appendaged Pokémon spun from its confines, straight toward Magnemite.
  "Use the holograms, Magnemite!"
  The holoprojectors lit up, and about 30 holograms of Magnemite appeared. Starmie passed through one of them, doing no damage.
  Ash stepped in at that point. "Hey, that's not a legal attack! You're cheating!"
  Jamie casually waved her hand, and threw Ash up against the wall with her psychic power. Her eyes glowed the deep purple that indicated that Mewtwo was under control. "Stay out of this!"
  Tiki walked up to Jamie. "What did you do that for, Jamie?"   She blinked, and the purple faded. "It's also against the rules to interfere with a gym battle."
  "Good point," and Tiki sat down again.
  Jamie sighed in relief. No one had seen her, but she'd have to be more careful next time.
  Misty, who had been waiting very impatiently, got an idea. "Starmie, Hydro Pump! Fill the whole gym with water!"
  Her Starmie leapt into the pool. A moment later, the liquid spewed out, spraying everyone there (mostly John). The holograms faded, leaving the real Magnemite plain as day.
  "Uh oh, Magnemite, Thundershock!"
  "NOOOOO!" yelled Misty.
  Too late. Magnemite sent out its wave of electricity, fainting Starmie. But Jamie had failed to remember that the room was filled with a highly conductive substance called water. Everyone was hit by Magnemite's attack, blowing them down to the ground.
  When all the water and electricity had dissipated, Misty crawled over to Jamie and gave her the Cascade Badge. "Nice work."

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