[PW!] Nukin' Nugget Bridge

RECAP: When last we left T.A.C. they had arrived in Cerulean and John beat Misty for a Cascade badge. The group borrowed the services of Ash to hopefully enter Mewtwo's cave. Score, being the impatient SOB he is, decided to declare his last story void. Neesh.
Good match, who's up now?" declared Misty.
Score just shrunk back into the crowd. He let the others
challenge Misty while he slipped out to think. He won a Boulder badge from Brock, but it seemed like a fluke. Score realized he'd been manipulated. Someone had altered the match and made Score win. After his recent bout with stupidity and forgetfulness, how could he have beaten Brock? Why would anyone do this? The only possible reason was to altered the destiny of his fellow travelers. Tiki? Jaimie? Pipian? Orion? John? Which one, and why? All these questions would soon be answered, he thought. Hmmmmm.
As he walked behind the gym, he saw a bridge in the distance.
He approached it only to find a group of trainers willing to challenge him.
"Welcome to nugget bridge! If you beat us all you win a
prize!" screamed the tiny trainer.
"Sorry nuggets, I don't have my Pokemon on me, I left em with my friends." replied Score.
"Oh, that's unfortunate," said the biggest trainer, "In that case, prepare for trouble!"
Just as Score was about to kick the guys ass, a creature
appeared from over the hills. The group was blinded by a bright light and a high pitched buzzing noise. Score recognized the creature as his arch enemy, Mewtwo!
"Foolish Rockets!" cried Mewtwo, "You're almost as foolish as this arogant young one! Never meddle with my plans, or you shall feel my wrath. Tell your boss!"
Mewtwo glowed bright green, and shot a thunderbolt at the
group. Score dived into the water beside the bridge followed by the trainers. The bridge exploded and wooden slivers flew in all
directions. Score ran up the bank and hid in the shadows beside the gym. Mewtwo disapeared back behind the hills. The Rockets fleed and screamed.
As Score entered the gym, soaking and squishing, the group
gasped and scurried over to him. "What happened?" asked Tiki. "Mewtwo... he.... he.... blew up Nugget Bridge," said Score, gasping for breath.
"What!? That's the only way we can get to the cave!" yelled Tiki.
"In that case, maybe I oughta go repair it," offered Score, "But first, Misty, if you don't mind I wanna challenge you for that badge now."
Spanky appeared from his Pokeball and Misty sent out Staryu.
"Spanky, gust attack!" The small Pidgey flapped like mad and Staryu flew back into a wall, cracking its gem. Misty brought Staryu back and sent out Starmie.
Starmie cartwheeled into Spanky, senting him reeling. Spanky
flapped madly to regain his balance. He shot like a rocket in Starmies direction. Starmie nimbly dodged out of the way, making Spanky smash into the water. Score called Spanky back and sent out Punches, his Mankey. Punches charged at Starmie, who tried to dodge, but Punches grabbed a point and swung himself in front of Starmie. He started punching the gem with all his might, but it just wouldn't seem to crack.
He grabbed one of Starmies points and hurled him into a wall.
Starmie was dazed, but charged at Mankey, who scissor kicked Starmie. Starmie hit the ground hard and cracked. The fight was over.
"Great fight Score!" congratulated Misty, "Here's a Cascade badge!"
"Thanks Misty! Hey Ash, wanna help me build a bridge?" asked Score.
"Well, uh, not really," stuttered Ash. Score crossed his arms and glared at Ash, who quickly complied and went to fix the bridge. "Score, that was mean!" said Jaimie.
"Yeh, but it left us open to story ideas!" replied Score. And so, with Cascade badges in hand, The Anti-Mewtwo Crew set
off to help Ash build  the bridge. Hopefully he'll be done before they get there =).

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