[PW!] Inside the Mystery Dugeon with Ash and Co.

  "Okay so who's left?" Misty asked after Jamie had defeated her (John I'll just declare the last post DV since Pipian and Orion already have Badges).
  "I am." Score said in a strong confident voice.  Just then Mistys sisters walked in, as if he was Brock himself Score's mouth drops open and his tongue drops out.  "WOW MAMA!!!!" He yelled running up to the three sisters, "Hello ladies and how are you doing today?" Score asked.  They all just giggled.
  "HEY YOU ARE YOU GOING TO CHALLENGE ME OR NOT!!!!!!" Misty yelled.   "Yeah yeah later." Score replied.
  "Well what about the Mystery Dungeon, you know the one that isn't really a myst... ery." Tiki said relizing the irony of his statement.   "You guys go on ahead I'm going to stay here," Score replied as he walked off with Misty's sisters.
  "Alright then lets get going," Ash said, as Pikachu lept up onto his shoulder.
  Ash led the five to a small river, he got on his Blastiose, and started surfing down the river, everyone else got on their respectable surfing Pokemon and followed after him.  After a little of this they landed on a little beach.  They walked up to a large man about 7'8 with muscles rippling in every crevace of his large body.  "What's up Bruno, can we get in?" Ash asked.
  "Sure thing Boss." Bruno turned around and proceeded to push some buttons on a nearby control panel, then he had Ash put his hand on a LCD monitor, then a large rock moved to the side and they all walked in, after they were in it shut behind them.
  "Alright Mewtwo's old hiding place is very deep within the cave, I'd been the Pokemon Legaue champ for some time before I found him hiding deep in here."  Ash explained.
  They started walking, tehn Ash looked like he remembered something, "Hey you guys better put this on unless you want some super powerful pokemon beating the snot out of you and your pokemon." Ash then handed them cans of a new kind of repel, "This is the mothe rof all repel it keeps away all wild pokemon for about six hours, I'm the only one that can get this stuff, I had the legaue scientists design it for when I want to walk around here and not have to battle." Then everyone including Ash put on plenty of S.U.M (Super Ultra Max) Repel.
    Then they continued walking, before they could get far though one of Tiki's Pokeballs started wiggiling, and out came Zip.
    "PIKA PIKA PIKACHU PIKACHU PIKA PI (OH MY GODDISH I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M MEETING THE ONE AND ONLY ASH'S PIKACHU!!!!!!)" Zip yelled, Ash's pikachu blushed as Zip dug through Tiki's packpack and came out with an autograph book.  He opened it to the back were he had reserved a special page for just this occasion.  He then got out an ink pad, and Ash's Pikachu put his paws in it and then on the paper.  Zip looked at the paw prints and just glowed with joy.
    After that they all continued with the two pikachu's yaking away. With Ash showing them some shortcuts it took only about two hours to get to the center of the cave  "Well here you go," Ash said, "This is where I found Mewtwo, when I found him I battled him and tried to catch him but he got away.  And that's the last anyone has seen from him other than his recent attack on Viridian, but no one know where he is now." Ash finished.
    Just then there was a loud, scream Ash turned around just in time to be run over by a man with a sword, then of course, the man ran over John knocking him into the water of the cave.  Tiki got out his staff, right as the man reached him and swung at him, Tiki blocked the blow, and hit the man's arm causing him to drop his weapon.  Then Tiki grabbed him and flung him against the cave wall.
    "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!?!?!?!" Tiki yelled engraged.
    "Your death," The man said in a suttle voice.
    "WHAT, why do you want me killed? Tiki said in aghast.     "You know very well why you killed my son, I only found out by following him to the secret place right before you killed him."     "What I haven't killed anyone." Tiki replied completly confused.     "Not by yourself but you were the reason for his death, and more followed five to be precise, and you will kill many more unless I stop you."  The man said.
    "What how did you get in hwere first of all?" Tiki said.     "I slipped in right before you did and hid in the rocks, I pick pocketed a canester of the repel and used it, I missed you the last time you came to Ceruleun and I promised I wouldn't do it again." The man then spit at Tiki's face.
    "I don't know what you are talking about."
    "Don't play dumb with me Mewtwo's S...."  Just then a shot rang through the air and the man slumped over.
    "Pity we have to keep doing that," A voice said.  Tiki turned to see Cross and Tilk standing there Cross holding a smoking pistol.     "Okay now how did you get in here?" Ash asked.
    "Our boss teleported us in same way he got in originally." Tilk replied.  "And now that we've finished our business adue." The duo teleported away without saying anything.
    John got out of the water to see the dead man laying there, "OH MY GODDISH!!!!" He yelled.
    Ash then walked up to him, "Uh John there's something you need to know, even though this isn't exactly the best time." Ash said.     "WHAT?" John asked.
    "The repel isn't waterproof." Ash said.  Just then two glowing eyes apperead behind John he turned around, to see the large Rydon looming over him.
      "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he then turned and started running.  The Rydon ran after him with the group in hot pursuit, somehow John managed to ut run the Rydon and got out of the cave followed by the group.
      After everyone settled down they began walking back to the gym, Tiki was silent he was thinking about what the man had said, "You killed my son.........."

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