[PW!] Mewtwo Starts to Really Aggitate Me!

  (Suggested) Recap: Well mine and Score's last posts contridicted each other so this is what I suggest.  We left Score and went to the Mystery cave, where I was assaultrd by a sword weilding maniac that insisted that I killed his son.  Meanwhile Mewtwo blew up the bridge to get from the cave to Ceruleun.
  The gang walked back from the cave, only to find the bridge
completly destroyed, they also saw Score standing on the other side, looking at the Bridge.  "HEY SCORE WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!?" Tiki yelled   "MEWTWO BLEW IT UP AND THEN TELEPORTED AWAY!!!" Score replied.   "Oh well no biggy we'll just surf across." Jihn said. <MEANWHILE AT A DAMN SOMEWHER UP RIVER>
  Cross and Tilk teleported to the top of the bridge from the cave, "This teleportation thing rocks." Tilk said as he materialized.   "Yep," Cross replied, taking out a stick of TNT. "The boss wants us to blow the damn so the twirps have to take their time getting back to Ceruleun." Cross said as he lay the TNT where the two gates of the Damn met, he then lit the fuse and pushed a button on a glove he was
wearing, Tilk did the same and they teleported away right as the explosion occured.
  Everyone called out their surfing pokemon and got ready to get on them when they heard a loud "BOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!"  The looked up river to see a torent of water come rushing at them, they all recalled their pokemon and ran out of the river bed.  The water came rushing through keeping them from passing, "DAMN IT!!!!" John yelled.  "WHAT DO WE DO NOW?!?!?!" he yelled.
  "Hey Tiki why don't you try to fly over the river on Bullseye." Orion suggested.
  Tiki nodded and called out Bullseye, he hopped on his back and they took off, however right as they got over the river a giant column of water jumped up and knocked them down to the ground.  "WHAT HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!?!?!" Tiki yelled, no one seemed to notice Jamie's eyes glowing a deep purple.
  "Well great now we can't get back over." Ash said dropping to the ground.
  Tiki knelt down against the riverbank, "We've got bigger problems than that." He said.
  "Like what?" John asked.
  "The water level is rising rapidly, why do you think they built the damn, because it's the  only thing that keeps the river from flooding the city, but now that it's gone and there's a lake worth of water from the damn, the city is going to be overwhelmed with the river within an hour."  Tiki replied.
    "Oh son of a..." Ash said getting up looking depressed. "So what do we do now?" he asked.  While Ash was the pokemon master he wasn't exactly the brightest bulb in the bunch.
    "I have an idea we need to get down to where the damn used to be, how far away is it?" Tiki asked.
    "I don't know a couple of miles upstream." Ash replied.     "Okay i'm the only one with a pokemon that knows fly, so I'll fly up ahead you guys follow as quickly as you can." Tiki said as he got back on the now recovering Pidgeot.  "Okay Bullseye," Tiki said, the bird took off and started flying upstream everyone else then got out a pokemon they could ride on and started riding after Tiki.
    It took Tiki only about a minute to get to the busted damn, and boy was it busted.  "Holy bazoo, how do you think we should repair this thing?" Tiki asked Bullseye.  The bird surprisingly didn't answer because this was an oppnent who's butt could not be kicked.  "I know," Tiki said, he grabbed a pokeball and sent everyone out.  "Okay everyone use your most powerful attack on those rocks over there maybe we can get them to fall where the Damn used to be."
    At this the group of six pokemon began to unleash Dragon Rages, Psychics, Thunders, Flys, Sludges, and Blizzards at the group of rocks sitting on top of the mountain..... it did nothing.  "WHAT THEY DIDN'T EVEN MOVE!!!!!" Tiki yelled.
    "Hahahaha, you didn't think I'd be stupid enough to leave the rocks unprotected, did you?" Mewtwo's voice rang out, "You can't stop the waters Tiki you can't do anything, people will die and there's nothing you can do about it." Mewtwo said out of nowhere.
      Then Tiki went on auto pilot as it were.  He started glowing purple, his eyes turned purple, he opened his mouth and insted of being black the inside glowed with the purple energy. "I CAN STOP THE FLOOD!!!!" He yelled.  At this he unleashed a beam of purple energy about six feet in diameter and about thrity feet long, it smashed through Mewtwo's psychic barrier, and collided with the rocks, the went falling to the river bank blocking the waterway, the water continued to flow but at it's usual rate the flood would not occur.
      Tiki's eyes returned to their normal shade, he felt light headed but before he fainted he heard Mewtwo say this, "You're almost ready to meet your destiny......"
      Tiki woke up in a bed with a spliting headache, apparently the others had reached him right after he fainted, to see that he had ceassed the flood. However they saw him unconcious they had then surfed over the now peaceful river and rushed Tiki to Ceruleun's hospital. There he had layed for about three hours.  When he came too he saw his pokemon looking over him and his friends.  They explained what happened.     "So Tiki how did you stop the river?" John asked.     "I just used my psychic powers, but I obviously over did it." Tiki replied, he decided to leave out the part with Mewtwo. 

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