[PW!] When Charizards Get Gas!

  Tiki got out of the hospital at around 10 am the next day.  The first thing he decided to do was to get something to eat, because the only thing he'd eaten in the last 18 hours was hospital sludge.  After some searching they found a great looking mexican restaurant.  It was called "Senor Ninetails: Spice of Life!!!".  The gang walked in and got a table.  Tiki ordered a burrito with everything on it, Pipian and Orion split a jumbo order of nachos.  John got two hard shell tacos with chicken and vegetables.  And Jamie just got a salad.  After a little everyone's food came, they began to eat it up very quickly. About halfway through the meal, Tiki dropped his back pack on the ground he leaned over to pick it up and as he did so one of his
pokeballs fell to the ground.
  Out of the Pokeball came Sinder who had finally recovered from his injuries in Viridian and was tired of being in his pokeball.  As soon as he stood up he took a big wiff of the air, and his eyes lit up with joy.  His mouth dropped open and he began to pant as he saw a waiter carry a big tray of bean burritos towards a table of hungry looking people.  Sinder walked up to the waiter and tapped him on the
shoulder.  The man turned around and at the sight of the large
Charizard wet himself and then dropped the platter of burritos.  Sinder then picked it up and inhaled every last one of them.  He thought they tasted delicious.
    "CHARIZARD CHAR CHAR (I WANT MORE)!!!!" He yelled.  Tiki walked up to him and tried to settle him down, but as he approched Sinder opened up his mouth and let out a loud "BUURRRRRPPPPP!!!!!!" The flaming belch incinerated Tiki with a stream of stinky fire.
    After that Sinder turned around and saw a huge bowl of bean salad, he promptly jumped on it and ate it all up.  Then a group of waiters snuck up behind Sinder with a net.  Sinder replied by letting out a firey fart of death, which not only emptied out the resteraunt but caused the waiters to barf with disgust.
    Next Sinder started eating everything in the resteraunt, after some time of this Senor Ninetails himself came out.  He looked like any other Ninetails except he had a large Mexican Sombraro on.  "Ninetails Nine Nine tails??? (What is happening to my beautiful restaurant???)" He asked in a strong Mexican accent.
    "Hey I didn't know Pokemon could have foreign accents." John said.     Sinder whirled around to see the Mexican Ninetails, and yelled "CHARIZARD CHAR IZARD IZ IZ (I WANT MORE FOOD NOWWWWW!!!!)!!!!" He yelled.  Not only was Senor Ninetails upset at what Sinder was doing to his restaurant he thought that his breath smelled awful.  So Senor Ninetails decided to teach Sinder a lesson, Senor Ninetails opened up his mouth and let out a flamethrower.  Sinder retaliated and there flames met halfway.  Now this usually would have been a stand off but, unfortunatly Senor Ninetails was no match for the Belching Behemoth. Sinder's gaseous breath quickly pushed Senor Ninetails flame back at him and Senor Ninetails was engulfed with stench and fire.
    Tiki came too just in time to see Sinder fly out of the restaraunt in search of more food.  He and his compatriots ran after him, Tiki tried callinbg Sinder back, but all he got was a fart full of flames in his face.
    After some time of Sinder enflaming other restaurants with fire, the local Squirtle fire department showed up.  After they had subdued the flames they attempted to get Sinder out of commision.  They all launched a water gun at the same time at Sinder, however Sinder dodged out of the way and returned fire with another resounding belch.  Even though the Squirtles were water types they were thourghly toasted and all fainted.
    Just then out of nowhere came a loud "NINETAILS NIEN TAILS TAILS AIL NINE (ALRIGHT BELCHER BOY, LETS SEE HOW YOU LIKE A TASTE OF YOUR OWN MEDICINE)!!!!!"  Everyone looked in the direction of the yell to see Senor Ninetails standing there with a huge platter of bean borritos he quickly gobbled them up and then went running after Sinder.  Senor Ninetails stopped in front of where Sinder was flying turned around and unleashed his own "FART OF DOOM!!!!!"  It hit Sinder dead on he plummeted to the ground, he recovered and unleashed  a horrificlly large belch that engulfed Senor Ninetails.
    The battle of the farting furies went on for some time, but it ended when John sent out his Weezing who unleashed a gas attack right as the two fire pokemon belched some more fire out, they both hit the gas and it exploded.  The two fire pokemon went flying in opposite directions.  Sinder went flying right into John, causing John to fall down, and then beofre he could get up he farted on John as well.  After that Tiki ran up and recalled the weakened Charizard.  As fore Senor Ninetails he went flying in the direction of Score, Score sure wasn't going to miss this oppurtunity.  He threw a pokeball at the gassed up Ninetails and caught it with little difficulty.
    After everyone settled down and the fires had been put out, all the towns people that were at the scene of the fire looked over at Tiki, who was holding Sinder's pokeball in his hand.  Tiki sweat dropped, "Uhhh he was really hungry." He replied, then turned and ran away from the large group of angry residents.

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