[PW!] Revelations

As soon as Tiki finished his chores, the Anti-Mewtwo Crew headed up towards Bill's pad.
  "Wait a sec, isn't the bridge totally obliterated?" asked Orion.   "No way, it's against the rules to destroy any significant structures," replied Jamie as they walked across Nugget Bridge.
Jamie was walking with the others when she recieved a telepathic message from Mewtwo.
  <What is happening?>
  Using the power that Mewtwo gave her, Jamie responded, <The group is heading towards Bill's Lighthouse, Master.>
  <Good. Keep traveling with the others, my child. And do not reveal anything to them yet.>
  <Yes, my lord,> and Mewtwo cut off the transmission.
  Just then, the Pokéball containing Drowsee fell from Jamie's belt unnoticed. Drowsee then directed its telepahic power toward Tiki. <Tiki.>   He turned and picked up the Pokéball. "Hey, Ja-"
  <Quiet,> said Drowsee. <Drowsee has to tell Tiki something important.>

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