[PW!] The Clan's "Special Technique"

As Score thought about keeping Senor Ninetails and Tiki washed dishes in an effort to repay the town for Sinder's bad gas, Pipian asked John, "How do you transport Pokéballs? You don't have a Pokédex, and I never see you use the PC."
"Oh, well, I have this small Pokédex sized transporter. It's tuned to the Ranch, and that's all I need to exchange Pokéballs. Hmmm, I'll check Renta (in case you're wondering, that's  from Rentahero, a Fighters Megamix character) and see if I can evolve her."
John pressed a few buttons and Wraps' Pokéball disappeared. A new Pokéball appeared and JOhn opened it. Imagine his surprise when he suddenly had a Gyrados looking him in the eye! "Aaacckkk! Renta! What happened to you!"
A letter came out of the Pokéball. John read,
"Dear John, I ran out of chores, so I decided to train Renta. Surprisingly, she evolved after two levels! Oh yeah, Alan put her through some of his special training, so she knows Waterfall now. Thought you'd be happy. Enjoy yourself! your 'sister', Lara."
Orion piped up. "Special training? A Gyrados that knows Waterfall? What's up at the Ranch, John?"
"That's Alan Laramie, he's starting his own side buisness. Claims he can teach any move to any Pokémon - for a price. And since Renta knows a move she doesn't learn, it must've worked."
"Say, once Tiki's finished, let's see if Bill the Pokémaniac knows anything about that Pikachu."
Jon returned Renta, then the group waited for Tiki to finish gaining dishpan hands.

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