[PW!] Drowsee's Infromation

    RECAP: Jamie's being mind controlled by Mewtwo, Sinder got some gas by eating some beans.  Score caught Senor Ninetails. John created a controversial technique involving pokemon learning any one move.  And Pipian and Orion sat there because Pipian is still missing.  And finally Jamie's Drowsee is about to tell Tiki what's going on.
    <What do I need to know?> Tiki asked Drowsee mentally.     <Jamie is being mind-controlled by Mewtwo.> Drowsee replied.     <ANOTHER ONE, well what should I do about it?>
    <Becareful her enhanced powers will be even greater than John's for he is not a natural psychic, I don't know how yo should break his control but I suggest you turn on the anti-psychic box.>  After Drowsee finished this Jamie noticed him out.
    "Drowsee what are you doing out of your pokeball come back here."     "Drowsee Drowsee." He replied.
    While Jamie was putting Drowsee's pokeball back he secretly turned on the black box.  After quite a long time of walking, they saw Bill's lighthouse off in the distance it was getting close to dark, so they'd have to camp out here and get to Bill's tommorow.  Everyone got ready for bed and released whatever pokemon they were goin to release. Sinder and Bullseye stayed in their pokeballs because they had a grudge against Score's Senor Ninetails and Spanky, respectfully.
    Anyway after everyone setlled down and the pokemon did too, Tiki lay in bed and just thought about what he was going to do.  He was out of ideas (Mostly because he didn't get any sleep last night at his friends house, and he is very tired.)

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