[PW!] Just What the Mewtwo Ordered

"Guys," said Jamie, "maybe we should get going. Bill not only seems to not know anything about that Pikachu, but he's defenitely freaking me out."   "Good idea," agreed Orion. "Let's leave the man with his sock and his pie."   As they left, they could hear Bill sobbing, "Snickerdoodle..." ---
While the group slept (a fair distance from the lighthouse), Jamie snuck towards Tiki's backpack. After a moment of digging, she found the black box, removed a critical component, and threw it into the ocean.
  <Excellent work,> said Mewtwo. <Now, get some rest, little one. Soon the time will come for action.>
  <Yes, my lord.>
The next morning, the Anti-Mewtwo Crew awoke to a beautiful sunrise.   "So, Tiki," said Jamie, "where to now?"
  Tiki stared at her, and she suddenly realized that he knew about her.   "I suggest we visit Sabrina," he said, giving no suggestion of his knowledge of her. "She is a powerful psychic, and may be able to help us out."   Giving no suggestion of her knowledge of his knowledge of her, Jamie nodded. "Sounds like a plan."
  John, giving no suggestion of his knowledge of her knowledge of Tiki's knowledge of her (because, let's face it, he didn't know), also nodded. "Let's go."
  While they walked, Jamie thought about a proper course of action. Obviously, Drowsee knew. Something would have to be done. But not now. Mewtwo told her to wait, and she felt perfectly safe following her master's orders, no matter where they took her...

Continued By: Syke6888 L

John was, once again, confused. What had happened to Bill? He was about to tell them about the Pikachu when he went nuts. This struck John as odd. People just don't go nuts for no particular reason. Something didn't smell right. (Splotch) Never mind, that's that mess over there. Looks like an Eevee. Anyways, John had noticed something weird about Jamie. She was always exusing herself, and she's been quiet, and not exactly her old self. Curious, John asked Tiki to let him see that box. Tiki comlied, but complained when John opened it up. "Hey, that's important to our cause."
"Give me a minute, I like tinkering with machines."
"Huh? Where's the motor? It's missing."
"Guess a Rattata got into it."
"Yeah, right. As if a Rattata could open this machine up, take the motor, then close it. You have weird ideas, John."
"At least I have. . . down!" John tackled Tiki just as a bullet flew over his head. changing direction he yelled, "Ariel! Flash! Spark! Three-hit Eeveelution combo!" Flash let loose a FireBlast in the direction John was facing. Tilk fell out of the woods, only to be hit with a Water Gun, followed by a Thundershock. As if quided by Goddish himself, Tilk landed on a trainer's Electrode, which then exploded, sending Tilk flying ala Team Rocket. "Phew, you think he'd give up by now," John stated. 'jamie was a little angered by this. Starting a telepathic message, she told Mewtwo, "What's the meaning of this? You trust me." "Yes, but you are waiting too long. I want all of them out of the picture, NOW." "Yes, master, I understand."

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