[PW!] Bill the PokÚLunatic?

  The group woke up at a reasonable time, as they got ready Tiki walked up to John, "Hey John I got 2000 cash since I didn't have to pay for the damage Sinder caused just had to wash dishes.  Anyway I was wondering if Alan could teach Sinder Softboiled or Recover instead of Skull Bash." Tiki said taking out his wallet.
  "Sure thing," John replied, "Just hand me Sinder's pokeball and I'll teleport it and the money right away." John ended.  After Tiki explained what was happening to Sinder he gave the pokeball and the money to John who pushed some buttons and both items teleported away.     After that everyone continues toward the lighthouse.  During the night Jamie had realized that the black box was, she didn't dare turn it off because Tiki might suspect something but she wondered why he had it on.  But if she wanted to do what she had planned she would have to get a distance from Tiki.  After about 4 hours of walking they reached the lighthouse it was about lunch time and everyone was hungry. They knocked on the lighthouse door and it creaked open.  The gang walked in and was confronted by Bill the pokemaniac.
    "Hello," he said, "I just lve getting visitors here." He said noticing some of the gang rubbing their bellies in hunger, "Would you like something to eat?" Bill asked everyone nodded their head, and Bill went back somewhere and came out with some beautiful looking burgers and some salad.
    After eating Tiki got right down to buisness, "Bill I have a question for you, you see Pipian and I have been having these visions of a psychic pikachu, we were wondering if you had seen or heard of such a pikachu." Tiki finished.
    "Umm  excuse me," Jamie said, "I need to use the restroom." Bill pointed and Jamie walked off.
      "Why yes I know of such a....."  Bill stopped, as soon as Jamie had gotten farth enough she had scrambled Bill's brain macking him a lunatic for the time being she went to the bathroom.  "BABOON!!!!" Bill finished.
      "Huh what are you talking about, Baboon?" Score asked.       "I am at one with the magical pixies!!!" Bill yelled.       Jamie returned and wished she had the range to get Tiki and the other's but they were huddled around the accursed box while Bill was about 15 feet away.
        "Have you met my friend, Snicker doodle?" Bill asked.         "What's a Snickerdoodle is it some kind of new pokemon?" Orion asked.
        "NOOOOO!!!!" Bill yelled, "It's this cream pie."  Bill held up a cream pie.  "His best friend is Mr. Sock." Bill took off a one of his socks and turned it into a puppet.
        "Okay," Tiki said, "Bill why don't you give me the pie and sock." Tiki finished not sure what was happening.
        "No you can't have snicker doodle or Mr. Sock." Bill realed back and in doing so dropped the pie, he broke out crying.
        "Well isn't this a fine mess." Tiki said.

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