[PW!] Success!

The threesome got in the elevator and pressed the button for floor 8. All the
way up, Jamie kept fairly quiet, thinking of what to do about Score. It was
fairly obvious that Drowsee was blabbing to everyone about her little secret.
Oh well, she thought, Drowsee won't be talking very much now.

She smiled as she looked at Drowsee's Pokéball, bolted shut.

Jamie got an idea as the doors opened.

"Ladies first," she forced Score to say with her psychic power.

"Why thank you."

Before Tiki or Score could get out, Jamie concentrated on the machinery
holding the elevator. A split second later, the cable snapped, and the elevator
plummeted downward.

Success! she thought. With a bit of ingenuity, she had offed both of them,
with no incriminating evidence at all.

<Lord Mewtwo,> she said, <I did it.>

-Marpa Stelos

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