[PW!] The Time for Action Has Come!

TAC continued, and after a while of walking, they reached the city of Saffron.   They placed their Pokémon under Nurse Joy's care, then took a stroll.   "Does anyone know anything about the anti-psychic box?" asked Tiki.   "What's wrong with it?" said Score.
  "The motor was ripped out. We need to get a replacement for it, otherwise it's useless."
  "Then it looks like we're going to Silph Co. for a new motor," said Pipian, and they went back to the Pokécenter.
  After getting their Pokéballs back, the group went towards the center of town to try and steal the part they needed. As they approached the building, Jamie left to use the powder room.
  Once in a stall, she opened her psychic link with Mewtwo. <We are entering Silph Co., my lord. What do you wish of me?>
  <The primary target is Tiki. You must take over Tiki's mind with your boosted psychic abilities. Only then can I intervene.>
  <Master, will I have any difficulty taking Tiki?>
  <Though his powers are considerable, with our combined power, you should have no trouble.>
  <Yes, master.>
The others were waiting outside when Jamie came out. "Let's get going, Jamie, we don't have all day."

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