[PW!] Camping Outside of Saffron

RECAP: Jamie has removed an essential component of the magical black box Tiki carries around. T.A.C. is headed for Saffron ('cause Tiki knows that Jamie is Mewtwo's minion). Also, Score has Senor Ninetails. Neesh.
The sun was starting to gild the western sky and the T.A.C.
decided it was time to stop for a rest. They set up their tents and let their Pokemon out of their balls. Senor Ninetails and Spanky sat with their backs against one tree, while Bullseye and Sinder sat across from them. Each glared at their enemy. Drowsee sat in the middle, making sure things didn't get outta hand. The other Pokemon ran around playing.
Sinder started a fire and they all sat around chatting about
their pasts, and what to do about Mewtwo. At about midnight, all the Pokemon were brought into their balls and the trainers went to sleep. The Spearows seemed to be particularly loud at about 3:00 AM. Score bolted awake and ran out of his tent. Drowsee was out of his Pokeball and was leaning against a tree.
"Drowssssseeeeeeee?" <What're you doing up Score?> "Can't talk little dude, gotta go, gotta go!" whispered Score. Moments later, groans could be heard from the bushes,
"Awwww-ooooooo-oh yeah. That's the stuff."
Score reappeared from the bush and walked back towards his
tent. Drowsee grabbed his t-shirt and pulled him behind a tree.
"Drowsee, Drow Drowseeeeeeee!" <I'm worried. Jamie ruined the black box.>
"Sorry dude, I don't speak Pokemon all that well," said Score. Drowsee waddled over to a bush and pulled out the black box.
He pointed to some broken wires and motioned towards Jamie's tent. "No way," said Score, "Jamie wouldn't do something like that to Tiki. And besides, Mewtwo's evil, why would she do something like that?" Drowsee pointed at Jamie, and did his best impression of
Mewtwo. Score stood there, bewildered and worried. Drowsee grabbed a stick. He drew a crude image of Jamie in the dirt. He drew the
initials T.A.C. into the ground on one side of Jamie and drew a
picture of Mewtwo on Jamies other side. Score nodded at him. Drowsee crossed out T.A.C. and drew an arrow from Jamie to Mewtwo. "No!? Jamie's working for Mewtwo?" asked Score.
Drowsee nodded. Score was about to ask how he knew, when Jamie
came out of her tent. "Boy, I can't take you anywhere, can I?" said Jamie, "You're as bad as a Psyduck. Score, what're you doing up?" "I went for a piss and found Drowsee in the bushes," replied Score, "Crazy little guy."
Jamie brought Drowsee back into his ball and walked behind her
tent. Score grabbed the box and put it into Tiki's tent, inside his backpack, which was just inside the door.
Score crawled back inside his tent to ponder what Drowsee had
told him. Hopefully Tiki knew what was going on.

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