[PW!] Stealing from Silph

The gang waited till Silph closed down and most of the people had
gone home. At about 1 in the morning they went to the back door.
After a quick analysis Tiki decided this was not going to be easy. He
got out his computer and hooked it up to the card key slot. Then he
run a program to unlock the door.

He sat down, "This will take a few minutes," He said. Everyone
else sat down, while Jamie thought of away to get Tiki by himself and
take over his mind. After about fifteen minutes Tiki's computer
beeped, Tiki got up and looked at it....... "WHAT, IT FAILED, TWO YEARS

"Well duhhh." Pipian retorted, "Two years actual time is like
twenty years computer time, that software is old as can be." Pipian

"Oh yeah I forgot." Tiki said, "Well now what do we do?"

"I have an idea."

TBC( Short I now but I have a friend over so I don't have much time,
anyone that's want to can say "I have an idea." Also Jamie email me
and we can decide what's going to happen about you trying to ake over
my mind.)

----------Re: By Syke6888 L----

John flipped out a card, slid it in the slot, punched in a password, and
the door opened. "The Clan does have ties with Silph, you know." The
group facefaulted.

"Why didn't you just do this in the first place!" Pipian yelled.

"Tiki started his hacking before I could do anything."

"No wonder Team Rocket keeps trying to win the Big P Race," noted Score
as T.A.C. entered Silph. "Okay, we better split up to find what we
want," said John. "Score and I will check floors 2, 3 and 4. Pipian,
you and Orion will take 5, 6, and 7. Jamie, go with Tiki to floors 8, 9,
and 10. We'll meet on floor 11. Use the stairs, not the warp to reach
floor 11." The group split up and began searching.

----------Re: By Tiki----------

Tiki felt his heart jump into his throat, he sure as Heck didn't
want to go wondering off with some Mewtwo controlled Jamie by himself
without an anti-psychic box, before he could speak up Score pipped in,
"Uhhhh how about we go in groups of three it will probably take just as
long cause each group will have more floors but will cover each one
quicker, and this way we'll each have more than one person to talk to,
I'll go with Tiki and Jamie."

Tiki felt a sigh of releif come over him. While Jamie felt a
feeling of anger that she had been so close, "Oh come on Score let's
just stick with John's plan, I think it'd be nice to only be talking
with one person we oculd get to know each other better." Jamie said.

Tiki felt the heart back in the throat, "Well I don't care," John

"Me neither," said Pipian.

"Same here," Orion said.

"So what do you say Tiki?" Score said.

"I like Score's plan." Tiki said.

"Alright then it's settled you guys take the top five floors well
take the bottom five and we can all go over the 11th." John said, then
him Pipian and Orion satrted looking through the first floor as the
other three walked off toward the stairway to get to the sixth floor.

Jamie was infuriated what would she do now about, Score, and did
Score or Tiki know about her "secret"? She would have to think about
all the possibilities before she acted.

TBC(Okay I didn't want to interfere with whatever Jamie is going to try
and do, but Score emailed me saying he might ry and intervene so
whatever you two work out, I just wanted to post.)

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