[PW!] T.A.C. Considers What to Do

After everyone's blood pressure went down Tiki asked the pivitol
question, "So now what do we do?" He looked at everyone else and
waited for a reply but no one had one.

"Hey how did Jamie knock me out of my trance last time?" John asked.

"Well she used the anti-pyschic box (Which from now on will be
refered to as the APB) and while you were in your range she got you to
use your psychic powers and your link broke." Tiki said.

"Well maybe that will work again," John suggested.

"But there's a problem, the APB doesn't work anymore." Score said.

"Well it looks like we have to find the motor to it before Jamie
finds us or the motor." Pipian said.

"I don't think we should split up again." Orion added. Everyone
nodded in agreement. Pipian Orion and John had managed to cover the
first floor only mostly because it didn't have anything mechanical or
restricted areas. It was just a waiting area and a lobby. So the gang
decided not to stay on this floor because it would be the first place
Jamie looked. being very careful they managed to get to the ninth
floor without seeing her at all, they would look at the lower floors.
They decided not to search the floors in any particular order, so after
the 9th floor they went to the 5th then the 3rd then the 8th they then
went to the 11th. After searching about 3/4 of it they turned a corner
to see Jamie facing the other direction. They jumped back as quickly
as they could.

"Did she see us?" Pipian asked in a whisper.

"I don't think so," Score replied as quitly as he could.

"So now what do we do?" John asked.

"I have no idea." Tiki said.

----------Re: By Pipian--------

The psychic barrier then disappeared.

"What happened?" asked Tiki.

"Mew must be battling! Or he's been subdued and can't help..."

"That won't help..."

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