[PW!] You'd Better Run!

"You won't escape from us this time!" she said, grinning evilly.

Pipian, who figured that he couldn't defeat such a powerful psychic entity
as Mewtwo, decided to try to reason with her. "Jamie, listen to me. Mewtwo has
a hold on your mind. You're the only one who can break from his control!"

"Control?" she laughed. "You're more stupid then you look. Lord Mewtwo saved

Tiki was looking pretty confused. "Saved you from what?"

"From what? Why, from the ineffeciencies of humanity, of course! Before, I
was a helpless little girl, barely clinging to that useless existence I called
life. But the master washed away my faults, cleansed my soul, and opened my
eyes. Now, I am perfect, and you are trying to take that away from me!" Her
eyes shimmered a deep purple.

Pipian continued his futile attempts of reasoning. "Jamie, he's just feeding
you what you want to hear. Mewtwo doesn't care about you at all, he just-"

"NO!" she screamed. "You just want to stop the master!"

A cabinet fell in front of the door, blocking the only escape route. All the
windows were also blocked.

Jamie smiled, and began to glow, readying herself for a psychic blast. "And
I can't let you do that."
TBC (this is where the fun begins)

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