[PW!] RUUUUUNNNNN! (From Jamie)

The gang hugged the side of the wall and were dead silent, they
hoped with all their might that Jamie wouldn't here them. They turned
around to sneak out only to see Jamie looking straight at them.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" they all yelled. They turned and ran the
other direction, they reached the stairs and started heading down only
to be confronted by Jamie once again.

The turned again and ran up the stairs and to the end of the hall,
"This is really bad." John said.

"You could say that." Score replied.

They continued to run, until they got to the other end of the
floor, Jamie hadn't found them yet. But they were wipped out they
needed to rest, "So now what do we do?" Pipian asked.

"Beats me," said Tiki, "we need to find that piece as soon as
possible." Then they heard the sound of foots coming down the hall.
they got up and got ready to run, they kept looking at the direction of
the foot steps. Then they stoped, they waited for them to start up
again, then they turned around to see jamie looking at them.

"AHHHHHHHHH!!!!" they yelled again. They turned and ran they
managed to get to the next floor by using the elevator shaft, which
Tiki opened using his powers.

They kept going down till they reached the forth, then they hid in
a room. They turned around and sitting there was (guess what) a
disassembled APB. "Hey this is what we need," john said picking up a

"Can you fix it?" Orion asked.

"Yeah but it will take a little," john said.

Just then Jamie shot the door off, and stood there with glowing
purple eyes.

Tiki only had one thing to say, "Oh SHI....."

TBC( Short i nkow but I dont have alot of time)

----------Re: By Thatguyty-----

Score rolled to a table an grabbed a screwdriver. He lunged at
Jamie and smashed the screwdriver between her eyes, only to fall face
first into the floor.

"What the f....!?" yelled Score.

"It's a hologram!" yelled Orion, "How did a hologram shoot off
the door?"

Just then, Jamie stepped through the door. Her eyes glowed a
brighter purple than the hologram had. She looked at Score, who was
about to lurch at her again, and mentally twisted his hand back to
point the screwdriver at his chest. Score ground his teeth and used
every ounce of his strength to hold the screwdriver back.

Jamie kept her mental hold on Score, and stared at Tiki, "The
black box, give it to me, now!"

"Never!" screamed Tiki.

"Then you must face my wrath!" said Jamie, as she threw her
Pokeball. Imagine her surprise when Drowzee popped out of the ball.

"Sinder," said Tiki, "Take Jamie down!"

Drowzee and Sinder turned to face Jamie, who used shot a
strong mental burst at Score, who stabbed himself in the chest. She
turned and bolted through the door, obvious to the fact that everyone
was about to unleash their Pokemon on her. Blood pooled around Score,
who breathed deeply and tried to stop the bleeding.

"Done!" said John, "I've fixed it. We can go after Jamie!"

"No!" said Pipian, "Score's dying!"

"Go! Just beat her, I'll.... be fine," gasped Score.
The group could only soon he was right. They picked up the box
and went after Jamie.
Will Score survive? Is _he_ starting to use battered clichés? Does
Dima have _any_ friends? Only time will tell........

----------Re: By Pipian--------

They saw the figure of Jamie run down the hallway and turrn a corner. The
group followed her and finally after a minute or two, trapped her. Her eyes
glowed purple and prepared for a psychic attack. John flipped the switch of
the APB. Nothing.

"Hahahahaha! I've got you now!" yelled Jamie, her eyes glowing brighter.

The eyes then shot out a psychic attack. The group thought they were doomed
until a psychic counterattack was used.

"Fix it! NOW!" said Pipian, from which the counter attack was eminating
(evident by his glowing blue eyes). "I can't hold it much longer!"

John opened up the APB and spotted the problem. The battery wasn't hooked
up right. Pipian's power was failing and after a few more seconds,
everything was black. He was unconscious. He thought he heard a click of a
battery case closing when he fainted.


----------Re: By Tiki----------

As Pipian fell to the ground John fixed the APB, he flicked it on
right as Jamie charged up another attack, due to the little box, she
curled over in pain and eventually fainted.

Tiki was quick to action, "John grab Jamie, Orion get Pipian get
them to the hospital, keep Jamie within range of the box, and tie her
down to a bed when you get there, I'm going to go get Score." Tiki
whirled around and started running, he got to Score who had long since
fainted, Tiki wrapped up Score's wound using some of his clothing. He
then picked him up and started running out of the building.

About 10 minutes later Tiki busted into the hospital doors, he was
immediatly swarmed by doctors and nurses who had been waiting for him.
They took Score off on a stretcher, and Tiki noticed John and Orion
stanidng at the counter, Tiki walked up to them, "So any word on Jamie
and Pipian.

"Pipian will be okay but it will take a few hours for him to come
back to, the doctors expect Jamie to come to at any moment," John said.

"Well lets be there when she does," Tiki replied. The three walked
to a room with its door shut. Tiki opened it to see a reastrained
Jamie still soundly sleeping, about ten feet away from her on a
nightstand was the ABP. Jamie had hospital restraints tied around her
that they use to restrain people having sezures.

Tiki knelt down next to the bed and simply waited, after about two
or three minutes Jamie started coming around. She opened her eyes to
see Tiki sitting there, "Whe... where am I?" She asked.

"In a hospital," Tiki simply replied not sure if she was "better"

"Why do I have these restraints on me?" she asked innocentlly.

"Because Mewtwo took over your mind and we're not sure your back to
normal." Orion said from behind Tiki.

"WHAT??? I'm myself. this is nonsense come on let me go!!" Jamie

Tiki looked up, "Your not fooling anyone, Jamie wouldn't demand us
to release her like we're her underlings." he said.

Jamie's eyes glowed purple, "HAHAHA very good young one, your
becoming quite good, at identifying the characteristics of humanity and
of well and of me. Your finally starting to bloom." Mewtwo's voice
said coming out of Jamie's mouth.

"What do you mean, bloom?" Tiki asked puzzled.

"OH come on with all these hints from your visions and the old
woman and the man in the cave, you still have no idea of your purpose?"
Mewtwo asked.

"What are you talking about no I have no idea what my purpose
is!!!" Tiki started yelling.

"Well then I guess you'll just have to wait, won't you..."
Mewtwo's voice trailed off and Jamie returned. Still controlled by
Mewtwo though.

"So now what do we do, how are we supposed to free Jamie's
conciousness?" John asked.

"Well if there's anyone that knows it's Sabrina..." Tiki said.

-----------Re: By Tiki----------
DAMN it I had this long post written out about getting Sabrina's aide,
but my damn comp froze right befire I hit the post button.

So here's the summary. I went to Sabrina's while John got a hitmonlee
and Orion kept a look out. I got her to help because I brought her
Drowsee that she gave Jamie, they went off to talk about something
without Tiki. And when they got back they all went back to the

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