[PW!] The Facade

While John and Tiki contemplated over what to do, Jamie discussed with Mewtwo.
<Sir,> she asked, <what were they talking about when they said that you were
controlling me?>

After a moment, Mewtwo answered: <The others are trying to separate you from
me. Do not let their lies deceive you.>

<Yes master. But, how will we escape from this?>

<Let them think I am no longer with you. Only then can we continue as

<Yes, my lord.>
A few hours later, Jamie awoke to her friends' faces.

"What's going on?" she asked, showing no trace of control.

Tiki replied, "Mewtwo has been controlling your mind, Jamie. Until we are
sure that you are free, we have to keep these restraints on."

"Mewtwo... what are you talking about?" As a former member of Team Rocket,
Jamie had become quite good at acting, and considered a career on the stage.

"You really don't remember anything?" John looked confused.

"I... I remember battling you, John. I was able to free you from Mewtwo...
next thing I can remember is waking up here."

Tiki whispered to John, "It might be a trick, John. Don't jump to

Jamie then faced Tiki. "If what you say is true, then nothing I say will
convince you that I am myself."

"In any case," said John, "you'll have to stay here until we're absolutely

"I understand," and the two boys left the room and shut the door.

<You did splendid, my child,> said Mewtwo.

<Thank you, my lord.>

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