[PW!] Sabrina Tries to Help Jamie

RECAP: Sabrina is going to try and help Jamie regain control of
her mind from Mewtwo. Score has been seriously wounded by Jamie.

Sabrina walked into Jamie's bedroom at the hospital. She examined
Jamie for a few moments and had but one wuestion for her, "What day
were you born?"

Jamie looked at her puzzled, she stayed silent for awhile and then
answered, correctly (I dont want write down an actual answer).

"Her mind is still being controlled by Mewtwo." Sabrina said.

"WHAT!!!!!" Tiki yelled, very confused, "HOW THE HELL CAN YOU TELL

"Quit simply, first of all this APB you have causes noticable
swellingm of the ears, now Drowsee has told me that Jamie hasn't
progressed very far in her psychic training, so the swelling could not
have been psychically healed unless she had her powers enhanced, and
guess what all signs of swelling are gone from the ear canals.
Secondly having ones mind controlled slowly erases ones memories it
takes along time for any memory to be lost, but it takes longer for
the afflicted person to recall the memory. As soon as their mind is no
longer controlled they gain all of their memories as clearly as they
had them before they were controlled. Jamie took much to long to reply
with her birthdate." Sabrina said looking very smug about herslef.

"You're very good." Mewtwo's voice echoed out of Jamie's mouth,
"Very good indeed, so you know I am still inside the girl, she does not
wish me to go, and even if she did what could you do about it?" Jamie's
face twisted into a meniacle smirk and Jamie's semi form of
conciousness returned.

"Mewtwo just because you make the girl not want you to leave does
not mean that she doesn't want to leave." Sabrina replied calmly, "And
as for what were going to do I have a plan, but for now I have some
other business to attend to." When Sabrina finished she walked out of
the room and found Pipian's room, Pipian was now concious but still not
strong enough to get up.

As soon as Pipian saw Sabrina he was extatic, "SABRINA, have you
come her to help Jamie?" Pipian asked.

"Yes I have Pipian, but first I need to talk to you in private."
She said, Tiki and Orion started to leave, "No Orion I need you to stay
as well, I have something to tell you as well."

Tiki left and entered Score's room which was also being
inhabitated by a sleeping John, Tiki looked at the clock, three oclock
in the morning, Tiki should get some rest, today was going to be a busy

TBC( Okay Pipian you can write yours and Orions secrets, just be quick
about it, because I'll post again tommorow night whether you have
revealed the secrets or not, sorry to be pushy but I like posting on a
daily basis.)

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