[PW!] Freedom

>When Sabrina finished she walked out of
>the room...

...and Jamie had the first thought of betrayal.

In the farthest corner of her mind was doubt. Doubt in Mewtwo's allegiances,
doubt in how much control she really had over her own mind. Though she didn't
think Mewtwo would betray her, she wondered: what would happen if she asked for

She shook the thought quickly. She was as free as she ever was, and could
act as she pleased. Though she couldn't imagine doing anything other than what
her master requested, if she did, there would be no resistance...

...or would there?

Once again she relinquished her grip on the idea, but not entirely. She
still was entirely certain about the situation, and about who was in control...

...wasn't she?

This time the thought dwelled, refusing to defer, swelling like a Jigglypuff
until it dominated her consciousness. But Jamie didn't look away from the
notion, and this time was completely absorbed in it.

Finally, she took action. Time to get up, she thought.

Nothing happened.

Again she tried, attempting to lift an arm, a hand, even a finger. Even open
her eyes.

Nothing. her body was immobile, her soul floating freely within her,
incapable of control. She invisioned being lost in the catacombs of her mind,
and at the end of the labrinth, Mewtwo was at the helm.

Jamie started to run without really running, getting closer and closer to
Mewtwo... she leapt and braced herself, impacting into Mewtwo's side... with a
grunt, the Pokémon fell from the pedastal...

...back in the hospital room, Jamie's body began to convulse rapidly, going
into a wild seizure. Tiki, who was walking by the room, saw the commotion and
ran to her side.

She started to speak, >Someone help... aah!<, when the APB kicked in. Tiki
quickly switched it off, and felt Jamie's presence again. He saw her,
struggling with Mewtwo over control.

>Fight Jamie, fight!< Tiki cheered. >You can do it, Jamie!< He then yelled
into the hall, "Someone get Sabrina!" Tiki grabbed Jamie's flailing arm and
continued to support her. >Fight, Jamie!<

-Marpa Stelos

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