[PW!] Free from Mewtwo

While Tiki and Sabrina began to navigate through the maze, Jamie was still
fighting Mewtwo. Neither was getting the upper hand. The only reason Jamie was
even standing a chance was because of Mewtwo's boost to her psychic power.

Mewtwo finally spoke to her. >Why are you doing this, my child?<

>I am not your child! You tricked me to hurt my friends!<

>Friends?< he asked sarcastically. >Would friends tie their friend to a
hospital bed? Would friends attempt to hinder their friend's psychic

>You're just twisting the facts around!<

>Am I really?<

Inch by inch, Mewtwo was pushing Jamie away from the control aura. He
continued to batter her with lies to distract her.

>Think, Jamie. Tiki and the others went behind your back to stop you. When
they knew I was with you, Score tried to kill you with a screwdriver. Would
friends really do that?<

Jamie tried to avoid listening, but it was making sense. Would friends
really do that? And her master hadn't actually done any harm to her throughout
this experience...

Just then, a quote from an old book came to her mind:

"I am the master of my fate, the captain of my soul."

Everything clicked into place. Even if Mewtwo hadn't caused harm to her,
Jamie still had the right to govern her actions. Anyone infringing on those
universal rights was not in the right.

>Remember, Jamie,< said Mewtwo, >I am your master! You must do as I say!<

Jamie socked Mewtwo in the face, and he went reeling to the floor.

>Wrong, Mewtwo,< and she stepped back into the blob to regain control.

Mewtwo's spirit began to fade. As it did, he left her with a promise:

>This isn't over, Jamie. I will personally destroy all of you.<

>Yeah, wake me up when you do.<
Jamie woke up, and was overjoyed to find that she could move freely again.
Besides the fact that she was tied to a hospital bed, of course. The
Anti-Mewtwo Crew and Sabrina were standing above her, waiting expectantly for
the verdict:

"Could someone untie me please?"

-Marpa Stelos

----------Re: By Syke6888 L----

"First, tell us your birthdate," said Sabrina. Jamie immediately
supplied the information. T.A.C. sighed, then John untied Jamie.

"It's good to have you back Jamie," said Tiki.

"What was it like?" asked Orion.

"Well, it was nothing like John. He had no idea what happened during his
time as Mewtwo's slave. I had an idea, but I couldn't control my body
during the time. I was paralyzed, but could still move, if that makes

"He's gone now, and I hope he decided not to take over you people." John

"Say, what happened to Spark?" Tiki asked.

John told Tiki what happened while they were out.

"They never give up."

"Well, I'm going to check on Score. You guys decide what to do next."

John left the room while the others talked over yheir next move.


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