[PW!] Secrets, Ripe for the Plucking

Sabrina, still in Pipian's room, was talking to Orion and him.

"Pipian?" Sabrina asked.


"I have known you for what? 13? 14 years?"


"But you have a power."

"The psychic powers?"

"Yes. But you have a secret. If you continue to train your psychic
abilities, you could eventually become as powerful as me. You, as well as
I, can tell that that psychic energy you released was abnormally powerful
for someone of your position in Psychic knowledge. You could not handle it
well, which is why you fainted. To help train you, I will give you this
Hypno. He will not fight for you, only train you."


"Now as for you, Orion..."


"You have a few secrets of your own. You are not your "mom and dad's"
child. They know that. You are actually the illigitimate child of Ash
Ketchum and Misty that was sent for adoption to avoid scandal in the Pokémon

"Wow! Could I use that knowledge for my own good?"

"Yes. There is a secret phone number you can call that has an abundant
amount of resources you can use. It is limited only to the use of people
related to people who have beaten the Pokémon League and relatives of the
Gym Leaders and Elite Four. Here, let me write it down for you."

She handed the piece of paper to Orion.

"No wonder Misty looked at you in that goo-goo eye mother way when we
battled her."

"One other thing... Orion, you may not have the potential that Pipian
does, but you have psychic abilities potentially equal to at least the
average psychic. That is why I have mentally told Jamie's Drowsee, that,
once she returns to her normal state, Drowsee will teach Jamie and you,
Orion. And you have some other special power... Or two... I feel it, but
I don't know what it is, but it is likely you will learn soon enough."

"Yes. Pipian, don't tell this to anyone."

"I won't."



----------Re: By Tiki----------

Just then Charm came running in, "CLEFABLE CLEFABLE FABLE FABLE CLE

Sabrina looked at Drowsee who mentally told Sabrina that Charm said
Sabrina is needed with Jamie right now. Sabrina turned and ran out the
door followed by Drowsee. Charm stood there hunched over catching her
breath "Clefable fable cle cle fab (Im getting too old for this stuff)."

She turned around and left, Orion and Pipian got up and followed
Charm to Jamie's room, when they got there they saw Sabrina doing
something with her powers and Jamie thrashing about wildly "Hey What's
happening?" Pipian asked.

"Jamie's trying to break Mewtwo's grip." Tiki said, "Orion go get
John in here."

Orion nodded and ran into Score's room, "HEY JOHN GET UP!!!!!!!!"
John realed up and hit his head on a bedside table.

"OWWWW, what is it?" he asked.

"It's Jamie, she's fighitng Mewtwo." orion said he turned and ran
back into the room, John jumped up and followed.

When they got there the situation was the same as before, "WHAT CAN
YOU DO????" Tiki asked Sabrina.

"Well I'm going to try and go into her concious and see what I can
do." Sabrina said putting her hand on Jamie's forehead.

"Im going too." Tiki said.

"Fine, Pipian, Orion if were not out in half an hour ask Hypno and
Drowsee to put you guys in her concious, John you stay here, if Jamie's
eyes start glowing the deep purple that it does when Mewtwo takes
control turn on the APB." Sabrina said.

"Sabrina what happens if the APB is turned on while we're inside?"
Tiki asked.

"You don't want to know." Right as Sabrina said this she grabbed
Tiki's arm, her and Tiki's eyes started to glow bright blue, then it
faded and both Tiki and Sabrina were unconcious.

Tiki apperead in what looked like a maze, "Where are we?" he asked.

"Jamie's concious, Mewtwo put up this maze to keep Jamie's concious
from finding his at her controlling arua." Sabrina said.

"The what?" Tiki said confused.

"In everyone's mental being there is a sort of orange what appears
to be blob. Usually your concious is in there controllong your body,
you never even know you're there. But when someone takes over your
mind they shove you out of the blob and go into it themselves." Sabrina

"So we need to find the blob and kick Mewtwo out." Tiki said.

"Exactly, but we don't have much time." Sabrina said.

"Why not?" Tiki asked.

"Another thing you don't want to know."

----------Re: By Syke6888 L----

John was worried. What if Mewtwo did attack while they were inside
Jamie's mind? There's no way he could bring himself to risk killing his
friends. On the other hand, he'd be the one getting killed if he doesn't
stop Mewtwo. Suddenly, loud screams were heard outside. Looking out the
window, John was shocked. Pokémon were attacking their own trainers for
some reason. "It has to be Mewtwo," John said.

"Close, but no Rattata." John wirled around to see Tilk and Cross
standing next to Pipian and Orion, who were unconcious. Tilk was
pointing a gun at John. "Now hand over the APB, or face the fury of your
own pokémon's attacks!" Tilk fired. Spark's Pokéball fell down and the
Jolteon appeared, growling at John. "Spark? What did you do to him?"
John demanded.

"This gun can make any Pokémon turn on it's owner. Spark here thinks you
are scum, and will not hesitate to fry you." As if to prove his point,
Spark let loose a Thundershock, and the vase next to John broke. "Oh
great, Chaz! Come out!" Chaz appeared and grabbed Spark, taking the
Thundershocks it fired. "I hate to say this, but Chaz, use Mega Punch!"
Spark was hit, and fainted. John took this opportunity to slug Tilk, but
he was hit from behind by Cross. "Look, don't make this harder on
yourself." John was kicked in the side. "Oooff!" Cross laughed, but was
cut short when a rock came out of nowhere and made contact with his
head. "Good going Chaz, let's get rid of this trash." John grabbed Tilk,
while Chaz took Cross. They brought them outside and tied them up, ready
to deliver to Jenny. John then grabbed Tilk's gun, and destroyed it. The
Pokémon settled down, and everything was normal until Tilk and Cross
disappeared. "Damn, Mewtwo must have teleported them." John re-entered
the hospital and wondered how Sabrina and Tiki were doing.


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