[PW!] A Meeting with Destiny (If You'd Call Team Rocket, Destiny, That Is...)

They had just left Saffron when two oh so familiar voices creeped up
from the bushes.

"Prepare for trouble!"

"And make it double!"

The group continued walking past the bumbling Jessie and James. They
almost finished the motto when they noticed that the group was behind them.

"Arbok! Lickitung!" said Jessie, "Restrain them so they can listen to
our motto!"

"Victreebel!" said James, "Do likewise!"

The group didn't notice until it was too late. They all tripped and
fell as their feet had been restrained by the Rockets' pokémon.

"Will you listen?" asked Jessie.

"Umm... Why?" asked Pipian, "Orion and I didn't listen to your motto."

"Oh fine..."

"Can we go now?"

"No, you have to battle us."

"Why? You know we'll beat you. Just Orion and I beat you with our
pokémon beat you. Of course, we have more pokémon to fight you with, and
more people with more pokémon."

"We brought our extra pokémon!"

"Umm... Two extra pokémon aren't quite going to stop us..."

"Haha!" said James, "I successfully caught my Gyarados back though!"


"But we want to fight! We want to at least TRY to win..."

"If you insist..."

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