[PW!] What to Do? What to Do?

Tiki and Sabrina walked through Jamie's mental being, trying to find
Jamie, all of a sudden the maze around them started to bend and become
distorted then a small start formed over head and the maze was sucked
into the star. "What's happening?" Tiki asked Sabrina.

"Jamie' defeated Sabrina, everything that he put in here is being
evacuated," she said.

"And what about us?" Tiki said.

"Just hold on we're in for a bumpy ride." Before Tiki could say
anything he was sucked into the star, he was then going through some
sort of tunnel, he reached the end and saw himself, then he rushed into

Tiki woke up with a jolt, "WOW killer."

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"Well," Tiki started, "I need to go to Celadon, and pick up
Flutter, she should have mated by now."

"That's Right." Jamie squiked, "And she'll have babies!!!" Jamie
got a weird maternal glaze in her eyes.

"Riiiiiggghhhhhtttt." Tiki said, "Anyway any objections to going to
Celadon, when we get there I can contact the, my friend back in Pallett
and see if he's got any leads on Mewtwo."

No one had any objections, "Alright then as soon as Score's better
we can leave."

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