Without hesitation, Jamie leapt to the opportunity. "Oh, can I keep one?
They're so cute!"

"Jamie, are you sure Mewtwo didn't mess with your mind at all?" asked Tiki

"Oh be quiet. Mewtwo or no Mewtwo, I could still take you on! Anyway, I'm
keeping one." Jamie kneeled to the ground and called to one of the Caterpie.
"C'mere, cutie! C'mere, you sweet little thing!"

All of the guys were thoroughly disgusted by Jamie's strange attitude.

The Caterpie wasn't. The smallest of the bunch crawled up her arm and onto
her shoulder.

"Aren't you the cutest little thing? I couldn't even think of putting you in
a Pokéball, you're gonna stay out here with me, yes you are, yes you are!" The
Caterpie started to nuzzle its new owner affectionately.

----------Re: By Pipian--------

"Ooh! I'll take one," said Pipian. "It'll be helpful."

"So will I," said Orion. "It would make a nice complement to Buzzer."

----------Re: By Syke6888 L----

John noticed the Caterpie crawling up his leg. "I'll taker this one. Any
ideas for a name?"

John took a Pokéball and captured the caterpie.

----------Re: By ig88sw82------

"Right..." said Pipian. "So where are we going now?"

----------Re: By Pipian--------

"Hmm... Well we could continue into Celedon, I have some business to do
there," said Orion.

The group walked into Celedon when Orion announced, "I need to take care
of some business. What do you say we meet back at the Pokécenter in about
an hour?"

"Sure!" said Tiki.

Orion walked to the Pokémall planning to get some stuff, as well as find
out what this mystery number was about.

"Hello!" said the receptionist, "What do you plan to buy here?"

"Oh, I need to find a leaf stone."

"That would be Fourth Floor."

"Thank you."

Orion walked into the elevator and pressed "4". The elevator hummed and
stopped at the correct level. Orion walked out. He brought out Icy.

"Icy, do you want to evolve into a Vileplume and learn a new move?"

"GLOOM!" it said excitedly.


Orion brought out a TM he had hidden in his pocket back at the Pokémon
Mansion without anyone looking. He turned it on.

"Enter Pokémon Number."

Orion entered "44".

"Searching for No. 44: Gloom. Gloom found. Execute Solar Beam command?"

Orion punched yes. "There are already four moves on this pokémon. Do
you wish to delete one?"

Orion punched yes. "Please select which one to delete."

Orion hit Acid. "1... 2... 3..."

A beam of light hit Icy's eyes, teaching him the move Solar Beam. He
then tossed the machine into the garbage can. Orion searched the aisles for
a Leaf Stone and he found one. He walked to the cash register.

"That will be 2,100 yen."

"OK, I have 18,000 yen... Here you go."

"Thank you, have a nice day!"

Orion walked over and set the Leaf stone on the ground. The Gloom
walked over to it and touched it. It began to glow.

"Glooom? VILEPLUME!"

"Icy, return."

The pokémon gladly returned to its ball as Orion got into the elevator
and left the building out the back door. There he saw an old, tattered man.

"Hrmmm... I know you..."

"You do?" asked Orion.

"I... know your real past..."

"So do I."

"I know... your gift."


"You got The Gift... from your grandfather..."

"Hmm. How can I be sure that you are telling the truth?"

"You... You... are illegitimate... adopted... Poké League... Champion...
Gym Leader. You have... started to bloom... blossom... begin... It has

The man died.


----------Re: By Syke6888 L----

After Orion left, John and his friends headed straight to the Celadon Gym. He entered and
said, :"Erika, I challenge you to a match!"

Erika looked at John. then did a double-take. "Huh? A tail?" John

"Birth defect. Anyway, how about it?"

"Well, no. I don't feel like battling now. However, I have the perfect
idea for you to earn your badge."

She led John into an area behind the gym. There he saw a labyrinthe made
of hedges.

Erika explained. "This maze was recently made by Dae D. Alus, the master
of mazes. Noone has been able to figure it out, with the exception of
me. If you can make it through the maze without my help, i'll give you
the badge.

John agreed, then dashed into the maze.

20 minutes later...

"I'm going nuts!" John shouted. He had just reached his 20th dead end
since he started the maze. Backtracking to the intersection, he tried a
different pathway and saw an opening! Unfortunatly, he saw Erika too.
"Doh, I'm back at the start." John thought about his predicament for
awhile, then got an idea. he dashed through the maze, keeping an eye on
one side of the passageway. He followed this wall , turning when it did.
Finally, he saw the exit, and one of Erika's Junior Trainers, holding
the RainbowBadge. John bolted out of the maze, slid out of control, and
crashed into the wall. "Sorry, John. I forgot to tell you we waxed the
floor earlier" Erika appeared. "Well, though you're exit needs some
work, I admit you did it. Here's the badge and a Mega Drain TM." John
took the gifts, then left the Gym and headed back to the others outside.


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