[PW!] Score's Transformation

As T.A.C. gathered around Jamie, a doctor with a clipboard
entered the room.

"Uh, I have some.... news, folks," said the doctor. He ran his
free hand through his hair and took a deep breath. "Your friend Score,
he, ah, that is to say...."

"What? Is there something wrong with him?" asked Tiki.

"We don't know for sure. Let's let Jamie rest, walk with me,"
said the doctor. They walked outside with Sabrina in the hot Saffron
sun. "You see, your friend Score apparently picked up some type of
parasite. It's... taking over his body. I'll use Paras as an example.
The spores on it's back develop into mushrooms, which eventually take
over it's body."

"Are you saying he's going to 'evolve'" asked Orion.

"It's quite possible. But in a different sense of the word.
This parasite is weakening him. His blood pressure and temperature are
off the charts. We can only hope the parasite takes its course and

"Doctor!" scried Jamie from her window, "Somethings happening
to Score. Come quick!"


The group bolted into Score's room to see him breathing deeply
and sweating madly. He had blue welts all over his skin. "Heeeelp.
Meeee" begged Score, who could barely move.

"Nurse, get him to the ER, we have an emergency here," ordered
the doctor.

Score's eyelids started to sink, and the rest of his body went
limp. Doctors pumped on his chest, trying to keep him breathing as
they pushed him down the hall.

The T.A.C. wasn't allowed into the ER, and waited on a bench
with Sabrina. Score seemed to be dying, when all of a sudden, all of
his vital stats returned to normal. The doctors looked at him,
puzzled, as they had yet to perform anything on Score.


Later, back in his room, the T.A.C. stood around him with
Sabrina and the doctor with his nurse. Scores eyes opened wide, and he
stuttered, "It, has begun........."

His brown eyes rolled back into his head, only to continue
rolling and reveal bright neon green eyes that looked somewhat like a
mutant owls. His spiky brown hair, starting at the roots, turned
bright blue and seemed to melt onto his scalp. His torso tightened and
all of his muscles clenched. The blue welts on his skin started oozing
greenish brown liquid. His feet and hands grew longer and his viens
came to the surface.

Everyone in the room was frozen in place, until the doctor
spoke, "Score, can you describe it?"

Score gurgled and went limp.


The group sat outside of Score's room, certain he would die.
Authorities quarantined the hospital and Score was moved to the OR.
Doctor were about to execute risky exploratory surgery when Score
opened his eyes. His mouth opened slightly, and a long aqua colored
tongue extended from his chapped lips. It grew to about 7 feet long.

"Oh shit."

"What, is it?"

"Look at that sucker!"

The tongue split at the tip and divided in two down to its
base in Score's mouth. Suddenly, they grew wide, like beavers tails
and enveloped either side of Score's body. One doctor reached out with
a trembling finger and touched the "skin". "It's hard, like a

Score's took a deep breath and sat up, staring at his new
form. He turned his feet off the side of the bed and stood. He was now
about 7 feet tall, with an extremely muscular build. Where his hair
used to be was now hard skin. He was aqua colored all over, with
bright green eyes. A new sense of being flowed through every rippling

"At last, we are one," said Score, now with a deep voice that
rumbled with bass and fearlessness. Doctors stared into his mouth,
which was now a light blue and full of long teeth.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer," said the symbiote who was
Score, "You guys have anything to eat?"

Score turned and saw his friends outside the door. "Well,
thanks doc. We'll be seeing ya!"

The doctors stepped in front of Score. "Uh, sir, you can't
leave, we need to run some tests and-"

"Fuck no!" said Score, who pushed the doctors out of the way.

"But sir, you could still pose a threat to-"

"We said, 'Fuck no!'"

A nurse was outside talking to T.A.C.. "You can no longer
refer to you friend as 'him', it's now, 'them', and he's a lot bigger
now, and-"

Score stormed out of the OR to the amazement of his friends.

"Common, we'll explain along the way."

----------Re: By Tiki----------

After Team Rocket was ready to fight, they noticed the large blue
humanoid thinga migig. "EWWWWWWWWWW what is that?" James asked about
ready to hurl.

"We are the being known as Score," they replied (boy writing like
this is going to eb irritating). "We do not like your disturbance in
our journey." At this part of Score bluish armor peeled back and
became part tongue again. It revealed a now gooey dark brown
underskin. the blue coating then shot out at the rockets and flicked
them into the air about twenty feet backwards.

"I don't know what a Score is but I don'y like it lets get out of
here." James screeched, he returned his pokemon as did Jessie and they
ran off. The blue coating peeled back around Score's fingers, and the
entire group stood up.

"Wow thatw as pretty cool, Score, how do you..... guys do that?"
John asked.

"It is one of our natural defenses." Score replied.

"Oh." John retorted. Anyway the group continued walking until they
reached Celadon.

"Uh Score good old buddy...s. I hate to tell you this but you can't
walk around looking like this." Tiki said.

"Why can't we?" Score asked.

"Because people will call the cops and you guys will get thrown in
jail." Tiki said.

"Very well." Score's blue coating turned back into tongues and
returned to his mouth, he was still seven feet tall and was gooey and
deep brown.

"Well that's a start, just wait right here." Pipian said. He ran
into a reaby store and returned with a trenchcoat and dark sunglasses
and a hat. "Here put these on." Pipian said.

"We do not need clothing." Score replied.

"But people will think you are just a normal human if you do and
they won't throw you in jail." Orion piped in.

"Very well." Score put on the clothes and they continued threw the
cuty. Until they reached it's outskirts, there was a forest there, and
the gang walked in.

They got to the center to see a large colony of Butterfree and
newly hatched Caterpie, Tiki walked into the clearing as soon as he
did, Flutter came rushing out of nowhere and flew into Tiki and gave
him a big hug. "FLUTTER, how you doing?" Tiki asked.

"Free, free freeeeeee (Im greaaaaattttt how are you?)"

"I'm good." Tiki replied. Then he sat down with Flutter and told
her everything that had happened.

"Free (Wow)."

Just then five Caterpie came running up to Flutter. "Cater cater
pie pie p p." They all chimed.

Next Jamie came busting through the group, "BABIES!!!!!!" She
yelled. With that weird look in her eyes again, "Flutter, are these
yours?" Jamie asked excitedly. Flutter nodded, "OHHHHHH they're so
cute!!!" Jamie said.

Anyway after Jamie was finished Flutter had along talk with her
chilren saying goodbye, then they started to leave but were followed by
the caterpie. "Hey Tiki I don't the babies want to leave Flutter."
Orion said.

"So I noticed, Hey I've got an Idea who wants a CATREPIE!?!?!?"
Tiki said.

"Hey if Score gets one they better not eat it." John said jokingly.

"We do not require food, and we do not wish to harm Caterpie."
Score replied.

"Yeah, forgot." John said.

"Anyway," Tiki said, "Who wants CATERPIE?!?!?!"

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