[PW!] Erika and Her Rainbow of Different Types of Pokémon (Part 1)

The gang walked too the Celadon Gym, without Orion. They walked
through the beatifully scented halls of the gym, until they reached the
center of the gym they saw young beatiful woman standing there petting
a small jovial Oddish. Tiki stepped forwards with Sinder standing next
to him, boy was this going to be an easy fight, Tiki had a fire and
flying pokemon, plus Charm who new a fire attack. "Erika I challeneg
you to a pokemon battle for a Rainbow Badge!!!!!!" Tiki yelled.

"Very well we will each use three pokemon." She said.

"Okay, Sinder go." The large Charizard jumped into the middle of
the arena ready to incinerate some grass pokemon.

"For my first pokemon I choose....... Blastiose." She threw a
pokeball and a large Blastiose apperead.


"Oh quit your whining, I'm tired of getting beaten senseless by all
these trainers coming in here with fire pokemon, so I got this nice
Blastiose, plus he's really good at watering all my plants. Blastiose
Hydro Pump the little Charizard." The large turtle unleashed a huge
blast of water out of his water cannons.

Sinder jumped into the air to avoid it, "SINDER, Dragon Rage the
stupid turtle." Sinder unleashed the green fire out at the Turtle.

"WITHDRAW, Blastiose." Erika said. The turtle entered his shell,
right when he was hit by Sinder's green flame, it damaged Blastiose but
not the full 40 damage. "Now Hydro Pump it again." Blastiose poked out
his head and fired a large gust of water at Sinder, inder tried to
avoid but to no avail. He fell to the ground unconcious after one hit.

"AHHHHHHH, Sinder return alright you wanna play with water FINE, go
Zip!!!!" Zip apperead already charging up an attack, Tiki took his two
X Attacks and used them both on Zip, "Alright Zip Thunder." Before he
could though, Blastiose Skull Bashed Zip. But Zip got back up and
unleashed the Thunder which knocked out Blastiose.

"Fine use your electric pokemon, Blastiose return go.....
Dugtrio." The three moles apperead.

"AHHHHHHHH, wait don't tell me you expected trainers to use
lectric pokemon on Blastiose so you got a Dugtrio right?" Tiki said.

"Exactly, plus they're really good at plowing and tilling before I
plant a new plant."

"Figures." Tiki said, "Alright Zip use agility to avoid Dugtrio's
attacks." Pikachu ran at the Dugtrio speeding up.

"Dig attack Dugtrio." Dugtrio went underground and was about to
pop up under Zip when Zip used Swift, the energy stars went throught
the dirt and hit the ground Pokemon. Unfortunatly they weren't strong
enough to knock Dugtrio out of the Dig. But Zip jumped into the air
right when Digtrio attacked and voided the attack, he started to come
down when, "Dugtrio Earthquake." The ground started to shake and Zip
tried to stay up in the air, but he couldn't fly so he hit the ground
and was then earthquaked, causing him to faint.

"You suck, alright here we go, do it Bullseye." The large Pidgeot
apperead,"Bullseye, Sky Attack the turd." Bullseye flew up into the
air and then divebombed the Dugtrio, Bullseye hit it right on and made
it faint. "Looks like your down to your last pokemon Erika." Tiki
said smiling.

"Yep, go..... Raichu."

"WHAT!!!!!!! Wait don't tell me you use the Raichu to gently
shock your plants to help them grow more quickly, right?" Tiki said.

"Nope I just think they're really cute." Erika said. Tiki
sweetdropped, he was going to lose because Raichu's are "CUTE".

"Fine, Bullseye do your best, Agility now." Erika had her
pikachu do the same. "Damn so we're at a standstill on speed." Tiki
"Yep, Raichu Thunderbolt the bird." Raichu charged up a
Thunderbolt and unleashed it at Bullseye, Bullseye Mirror Moved and the
bolts met halfway. Erike smiled, "Raichu, Meditate."

"WHAT!!!!! Raichu's can't learn Meditate!!!!" Tiki yelled.

"They can when you use the Laramie's special technique." Erika

Tiki gave John a dirty look, "Alright Bullseye just Mirror
Mo..." But Tiki took to long glaring at John, raichu used another
Thunderbolt that knocked into Bullseye causing him to faint.

"Better luck next time," Erika smiled sort of an evil smile as
she returned her Raichu.

"I'll be back, Erika just you wait and see." Tiki mumbled, he
turned and started leaving, "I'll be at the Pokecenter," He told his

As he left he heard, Erika say in a devilish tone, "Next?"


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