[PW!] Celedon, City of Many XXX Stores

Score's Pokemon were shit against a Blastoise. If Tiki lost he had no chance in hell. He said he was going to find Orion and left.

As soon as Score was out of the groups range of sight, he
ripped of his trench coat and sunglasses and put them into his
backpack. His dark brown, gooey skin was slowly covered by his aqua

<We'll tell the unknowing we were in a fire> said Score,
mentally to his parasitic partner.

<Do you think they'll ID us if we go into that giant adult
novelties store?> asked the parasite.

<I like the way you think> said Score, whos aqua armor had
just covered the tips of his fingers and toes.


A few minutes later in the store, the symbiotic relationship
that was Score was peering around the shelves when a small salesman
appeared around the corner. "Can I help you?" asked the man.

"Uh, no thanks. We're just browsing," replied Score.


"Are you making fun of us?" asked Score, who had lifted the
man high off the ground.

"Would you like some free balloon like objects?"

"Well..... do you have any red ones?"


Back outside, Score saw the group walking by some tall
buildings. He knelt low and silently launched himself on to the roof
of a building they were walking by.

<Aim a few feet ahead of them> said the parasite.

<I'm way ahead of you> said Score, who had hurled a balloon
like object filled with water at the group.

"Tiki! Jamie! John! Pipian!" yelled Score.

They all looked up to see a cluster of water balloons falling
towards them, followed closely by Score, bracing himself for landing.


A few minutes later, Score found himself being chased by a
group of very wet, very pissed T.A.C. members. He rounded a building
to find a small boy crying.

"Hey kid," said Score, "What's the matter?"

"My friend traded me this crappy Pokemon for my Mankey. He was
the best Pokemon I ever had, and now he's gone."

"What kind of Pokemon do you have there?" asked Score.

"It's a Kangaskhan. I think it was smuggled out of the Safari
Zone." replied the boy.

<A Kangaskhan would be a great addition to our team> said the

<Yeh, but Punches is a great Pokemon, I can't trade him> said

<Let Punches decide> said the parasite.

Punches popped out of his pokeball and saw the boy crying.

"Mankey?" <Jeremy?>
"Bananas?" said the boy, "Is that you? Mister, Mister, will
you trade me this Mankey for my Kangaskhan?"

Score saw that Punches had belonged to the kid, and would be
well taken care of. "Consider it done. This Pokemon will make a great
addition to our team," replied Score, as he grabbed the boy and put
him on his shoulder and ran to the Pokecenter.


The trading machine beeped and the boy grabbed Punches, or
Bananas, as he liked to call him. "Thank you Mister. I gave Bananas to
a little girl when I was on vacation in Viridian City."

"No prob," said Score, who let Kangaskhan out of his ball.

<What's a good name for a Kangaskhan?> asked Score to the

<How about, Roo?> asked the parasite.

<Sounds like too much like "Rooty Poo". But the kid did say he
was crappy....> said Score.

"I think you'll be, 'Roo'," said Score.

"There he is!" yelled Jamie, "Get him!"

"Wait a minute," said Score, "John, you look like you have
something to say. Do you?"


Is Score's new guise a good one? Is Roo a good name for a Kangaskhan?
Does John have something to say? Does he!?

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