[PW!] The Gift and the Eevee

Orion wondered what The Gift was. He pondered the meaning of this while
walking behind a few buildings to get back to the Pokécenter. He was almost
there when he spotted an Eevee searching a garbage can.

"This is no life for you! You seem hurt! Let me take you to the

"No!" the Eevee said in English.


"Because my life is worth nothing!"

Orion wondered if he was hearing things.

"No don't say that! PLEASE! COME!"

"Ok, as long as you don't capture me..."


The Eevee also wondered why this particular man could hear her. They
walked into the Pokécenter, where his friends were chasing the being named
Score, apparently because they were wet for some reason. He ignored it and
took the Eevee to Nurse Joy.

"It'll be fine in a jiffy!"

A few minutes later, Nurse Joy brought the healed Eevee to Orion.


"Oh it was nothing!"

Orion began to talk with the Eevee.

"What's your name?"


"Why did you want to kill yourself?"

"There was a terrible accident in a lab, that turned me into an Eevee.
I couldn't live out my dream as an Eevee."

"What was your dream?"

"To become a famous scientist."

"Do you want me to put you back where I found you?"


"Why not?"

"As I was being healed, I realized that I could live out another dream I

"Which was?"

"To become a pokémon trainer. Now there is my Eevee, Tyke... Wait!
Where are my Pokéballs? They must be back at the dumpster!"

They ran back to the dumpster and picked up a belt with Pokéballs on it.

"Is this it?"


"This won't work as a belt..."


"You could use it as a collar!"


Orion fixed the collar around Keri's neck.


"Would you like to join us?"

"What do you mean, us?"

"Those people running around the Pokécenter."


"You'll have to hate Mewtwo!"

"No problemo!"

"You'll also have to hate Team Rocket."


"OK! Come with me!"

They walked back into the Pokécenter, where they were still running
around. They noticed that Orion was back and then stopped running around,
gasping for breath.

"Hello!" said Orion.

"Who's... The... Eevee?" asked Tiki, who was still wet.

"She's Keri."

"Hi!" she said.

"Did you hear that? She said 'hi'!"

"No," the others said, "she talked in Eevee-speak!"

"What the?" he wondered. Then he figured it out. "The Gift! But it's
BLOOMING! It must be more than this..."

Meanwhile, a TR member was watching all of this and reported to

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