[PW!] The Boss and His Orders

Bonnie and Clyde walked into Giovanni's Office.

"Yes, Boss?" they asked.

"I have heard from one of my informants that there is an Eevee in
Celedon that is smart enough to become a Trainer. She could be useful.
There is also a person who has the ability to talk to Pokémon. I need you
to get them both!"

"Yes, Sir!"

The duo walked out of the TRHQ and Bonnie released her Aerodactyl.

"Let's go to Celedon!"

The Aerodactyl took off with both Bonnie and Clyde on it. Within 30
minutes, they were in Celedon.

"Now, if we stake ourselves outside the Game Corner, We could catch them
and take them to the Boss!" said Bonnie.

"Yes!" said Clyde.

"Now come on!"


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