[PW!] Game Corner Cavalcade

"Hey hold up you guys!" said Score, "We have Spanky, the

"That may be ok for Keri, but you're gonna need at least a
Pidgeot, Score," said John.

"Nuts! Maybe we can get it to evolve before we leave," offered

"Good luck," exclaimed Jamie, "You've had that thing since we
met you and it's done nothing"

"Errrrr, forgot it then," said Score.

Suddenly two Rockets jump from around the corner, "Let's get
them Bonnie!"

"Sure thing Clyde!" said Bonnie.

"Spanky! Roo!" yelled Score, as he threw his Pokemon, "Kick
some ass!"

TAC threw their pokeballs. The Rockets threw back their heads
and laughed.

"Suffer the wrath of Team Rockets latest invention, The Monica
Lewinsky Suck-O-Matic!" announced the team in unison.

They pulled a cart with a giant cardboard cutout of Monica out
from behind the corner. Bonnie flicked the switch and the vacuum
startde sucking up all the Pokemon. Score quickly retracted his armor
and shot a tongue at each Pokemon. He managed to get a hold on each
one except Spanky. "Liddal 'elp here pweeb," mumbled Score.
Spanky flapped madly to avoid the cavernous mouth. Little by
little the machine gained ground on Spanky, who shot into the mouth
with a loud "thwomp".

"Hahahaha! One Pokemon is better than none, but this one will
never do. We require the Eevee. Trade us, now!" demanded Clyde.

With the mouth of the machine still sucking air, a bright
light shown out of the throat. Spanky, now a Pidgeot, shot out of the
mouth with a powerful flap of his wings.

"Oh no!" screamed Bonnie, "Clyde, turn off the machine and get
that Pokemon!"

Before Clyde could pull the plug, Spanky was safely above the
roof of the Game Corner building. "Orion, hand me that car jack," said
Jamie, "I've got a plan!"

Orion quickly obliged and threw the heavy car jack towards
Jamie. No one quite knew why there was a car jack laying beside Game
Corner, but, well, you know.

"Don't try anything like this again," growled Jamie, as she
glared at Team Rocket.

"And what do you plan to do about it?" asked Bonnie, with an
arrogant sneer.

Jamie turned to face the group and lifted the car jack to her
shoulder. With a powerful swing, she smashed Team Rocket high in the

Just before they disappeared into a little star and a ping
sound, the pair shouted, "Look's like Team Rocket's jacking off

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