[PW!] A Lead on Mewtwo

As the gang was getting to know Keri, Tiki's computer started
beeping, he picked it up and opened it, to see his friend from Pallett
there, on a camera email, "Hey, Tiki" The recording started, "We
started our sweep, by checking Diglett's cave and Rock tunnell, both
came up negativo on the psychic chart. So then we started with cities,
we started with Ceruleun where Mewtwo was last seen. Nothing there,
next we went to Pewter. More nothing, then we went to Viridian[1],
still nothing. This kept up until we reached Cinnibar, then we got
something, it could be Mewtwo or something else, we don't know but you
might want to check it out. And if that doesn't check out we picked up
some less strong readings at the pokemon tower, and at the power
plant. See ya later." The screen went blank.

Everyone had been listening to the recodring, "Alright so we have
a lead!" John said excitedly, "Should we follow it?" he asked.

"I would think we should." Tiki said.

Everyone else nodded except Keri who thought she was too new to
give an opinion. "Alright but how do we get there?" Pipian asked.

"Everyone got enough for a Pidgeot?" Tiki asked. "I could use
Bullseye, and Keri could ride with me so we needn't buy those to
tickets, so that leaves one for Score, one for Pipian Orion Jamie and
John." Tiki finished.

Everyone started ruffiling through their bags, they came up short,
"We need to make some money." Orion said.

"I'd say." Tiki said looking at the inadequate amount even after
he pitched in. "Hey i have an Idea, why don't you guys go to the game
corner and try and win some cash." Tiki said.

"Where are you going?" Jamie asked.

"I'm going to try Erika again," Tiki said.

"Eeeeveee Ee ee veeeee." Keri said.

"Ehhhh." Tiki said.

"She wants to go with you Tiki," Orion said.

"Oh, sure thing Keri let's go, we'll meet you guys back here in a
couple of hours." Tiki said as he and Keri left to go to the gym.

The rest of the group left toward the game corner, they approched
the back of it. "Here they come." Clyde said.

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