[PW!] The Return of a Legend

RECAP (It's been a while, no?):
Keri the Eevee went with Tiki to battle Erika again. They were
interupted by a PO'd TR pair (Bonnie and Clyde) who wish to steal Keri
and take her to Giovanni. TR had originally attacked the rest of the
group but Jamie had make them fly into a star and go ping. Orion
continues to learn more of his past as time goes on.
"Nice work Jamie!" congratulated Pipian, "Who would have
thought Team Rocket would go 'ping' when you hit them hard enough?'
"Yeh," agreed Pipian, "I wonder why they want Keri?"
The group decided it'd be best to alert Tiki to TRs presence.
Spanky, now a Pidgeotto flew with Score holding onto his talons.
"Pidgeoooo!" <You've gained some weight>
"We can't understand you Spanky, don't bother wasting your
breath," said Score, sensing the bird may be pissed off. "Fly a little
higher, maybe we'll be able to see Tiki."
Spanky flapped madly to gain altitude, but lifting a 7 foot
tall monster isn't easy. Thwap! A paper hit Score in the face, who
grabbed at his face and accidently let go of Spanky. He fell into a
heap of humanity that was The Anti-Mewtwo Crew.
"You're really gonna hafta work on that whole
not-being-a-jackass thing," grumbled Jamie.
"Look at this flyer," said Score, "It's for something called
Pokestock '99. I think -no, it couldn't be - it is! It's a massive
rock festival in the Charmander field east of Pallet Town. It says
it's on from July 17 to the July 24. Can we go? Please, huh, can we?"
"We should take care of Team Rocket and help Keri before we
go," said Orion, "Things are pretty hairy here as is."
"If we save the day and finish this storyline before the end
of the day, then can we go, please, huh, can we?" begged Score.
Passer-bys found it odd to see a 7'0" aqua-colored monster begging to
a group of considerably smaller people.
"Let's get some sugar in you and then we'll see," offered
"Pidgeoooooooooto. Eeoooooto!"<I think I see Tiki.> "Pidgey!
Pidgeo!" <Keri and Team Rocket are there too.>
"What's the matter boy?" asked Score, "Did Tiki fall down a
well again?"
"I think he sees something," said Jamie, "Let's follow him."
The group ran, following Spanky as best they could winding
through the streets as he flapped swiftly across rooftops. They
spotted Erika's gym down the block from their position. Tiki and Keri
were standing about 30 feet away from Bonnie and Clyde. The group ran
up behind Tiki and surrounded Keri, giving Orion the chance to grab
her and hide in a nearby office building lounge.
Bonnie and Clyde released Charizard, Omastar, Aerodactyl,
Blastoise, Kabutops, and Gyarados, respectively. T.A.C. unleashed
their slightly larger team of Pokemon. Orion poked his head out the
door of the building he was in and rolled his Pokemon over to Score's
feet, where they popped open and released his Pokemon.
Chaz the geodude and Roo the Kangaskhan were at the front of
the pack.
"KangasKHAN!" <Gimme your arm>
"Geo. Dude." <Hit it>
Roo gradded Chaz by the wrist and and whirled him around
several times before releasing him at Team Rocket. Chaz double
clothes-lined Bonnie and Clyde which initiated the battle of almost
every Pokemon element at once. Fire balls, water cannons, ice blasts,
razor sharp leaves, and rocks flew everywhere. Wind blasts knocked
Pokemon every which way. If a trainer attempted to give his or her
Pokemon an order, the Pokemon usually hesitated just long enough to be
smashed into a wall or thrown to the ground. At one point, to the
horror of Bonnie and Clyde, Clyde's Blastoise hit Bonnie's Charizard
with wicked twin water canons.
Suddenly, over the roof of a massively tall department store,
a sombraro appeared followed by a familar looking Ninetails.
"NIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!" <Senor Ninetails is here to stay!>
"Hey we thought we ditched that sucker in the alleys of Cerule
- We mean, hi Senor! Glad to see ya!" yelled Score.
"Ninetails! Tails tails tails!" <Time to kick some ass Mexican
"Pikachu sucks!" yelled Jose.
Senor Ninetails launched himself off the building, landing
nimbly in a t-intersection down the road.
"Uh-oh!" warned Jamie, "Retract your Pokemon! Now!"
The members of TAC brought their Pokemon back into their
balls. Orion poked his head out the door again to bring his Pokemon
back into the ball.
"NiiiiiiiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINETAILS!" <Time for some gorditas
Senor Ninetails unleashed a massive wave of fire that ran down
the street, smashing through 6 very confused, and now very burnt
"Bla - Stoise!?" <What just happened?>
"Kabutop!" <I think this is where we fall over.>
The 6 Team Rocket Pokemon fell sideways to the horror of
Bonnie and Clyde. "Argh! Why must we constantly lose?" screamed
"It's like some bizarre puppet master keeps screwing with us,"
whined Clyde.
"Jamie, I think this is your cue," whispered Orion, with his
head out the door.
"Oh, so it's MY job now?" said Jamie, quite annoyed. She
picked up a bat and walked over to TR. "Let's get ready to
Jamie smacked the two high into the air, disapearing into a
star, making a ping noise. "Well that's the end of that chapter," said
Score, flipping his scarf over his shoulder.
"Hey Senor, good to see ya!" said Score, "Want to come along
with us?"
"Tails!" <Sounds good amigo... uh... amigoS>
Score brought Senor Ninetails back into his Pokeball. Score
couldn't understand Pokemon, but his companions who could wondered how
Senor Ninetails could have known Score was actually a host for a
Suddenly, Bonnie and Clyde fell from the air, landing in a
heap on the ground. "That's never happened before," stated Clyde.
"Yeh, what the heck's up with that?" asked Bonnie, "Oh, you're
still here. Can we have the Eevee? Please?"
"Can we go Pokestock now? I waited for 20 minutes!" whined

[TBC?] If you'll recall the last story from the viewpoints of Bonnie
and Clyde, Giovanni said he was going to send them a secret weapon.
Senor Ninetails perhaps????

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