[PW!] Unleashing the Hell upon Celedon

A petite Meowth walked by the group with large tears rolling
down its face.
"What's the matter dude?" asked Score.
"Haven't ya heard? Pokestock is cancelled. I'm out of a job,"
sobbed the Meowth.
"WHAT!? Well that's just freaking great!" yelled Score,
"Somehow we feel personally responsible for the imminent failure of
this wonderful event."
"Could ya spare some change," asked the Meowth.
"Stay here little guy!" said Score, "Pokestock is back on!"
Score leap up to the building Senor Ninetails had come over.
He landed with a thump on the roof and ran a few hundred feet before
launching himself off the edge of the building. Screams echoed through
the street as people saw Score leap from above. The street cleared and
a clear path down the middle of the street was formed. Score charged
down the street, vaulting fallen shopping carts and various cars. Dark
blue sweat dripped down his face and burned his bright green, owl-like
Score got to the west exit of Celadon City to find a massive
collection of sullen rock bands.
"Where's he going?" asked Jamie.
"I think Pokestock was going to be held in Pallet," replied
John, "Maybe we should help."
"What about these idiots?" Orion asked, gesturing towards
Bonnie and Clyde, still in a heap on the ground.
"I still wanna challenge Erika," said Tiki, "Let's get these
two to Officer Jenny and she can shove 'em in the slammer."
"Good idea," said Pipian, "There's no way we're gonna catch
Score. Let's challenge Erika."
Score walked up to a sad looking group he recognized as Korn.
He asked them where they were going. Another band walked up and
explained that they were going "anywhere but Pallet".
"Common everyone!" Score bellowed to the collection of
musicians, "Pokestock's being relocated to Celadon!"
"No kidding?" asked a roadie in a Limp Bizkit t-shirt.
"No kidding," Score assured the man, "The fury will live on!"
"Bitchin!" came a collective shout of hundreds of musicians.
The remaining members of T.A.C. turned Bonnie and Clyde into
the police. "Thank you!" said Officer Jenny, "We're grateful for your
"No problem," said Tiki, "They're after this Eevee for some
"Typical Team Rocket behaviour," said Jenny, "Thanks again!"
The group walked out of the police station and saw a delicious
looking Italian restaurant. "Erika can wait!" yelled Orion, "It's time
to eat!"
Jamie pulled open the door and the smell of meatballs, pasta,
and other delicious meals enveloped their noses. Tiki, John, Orion,
Pipian, and Jamie seemed to drift over to an empty table where they
quickly joined by Keri, wondering how human food would taste.
"What can I get for you today sir?" asked a waiter to Orion.
"I'll have the Jumbo Spaghetti meal please!" said Orion,
"Yeh, we'll ALL have the Jumbo Spaghetti meal," agreed Tiki.
Keri pawwed at Orion and yipped quietly.
"Oh, and our friend here will have some of your Super Duper
Special Pokemon Parmessan Meatball Platter Yum please," said Orion.
"Sure thing," said the waiter, with a fake Italian accent, "5
Jumbo Spaghettis and something special for the cute little Eevee."
Score was now at the head of a humongous parade of punk rock
bands, all smiles, with their tour buses in a wide convoy across the
road. A string of police cards with flashing lights and sirens blazing
swung in front of Score.
"What seems to be the problem here officer?" asked Score.
"The problem is that you freaks don't have a permit to be
here," growled the officer.
"We're here to Pokestock '99, and if you think you're gonna
ruin this for ME you've got another thing coming Jackass!" barked
"I oughtta arrest your ass right now, but that's not my piece
of pie," said the officer, "I challenge you to a Pokemon match. One on
"You got it!" yelled Score as he flipped back and somersaulted
in mid air. He landly softly and whipped his Pokeball to the ground.
"Spanky! Wing attack!"
The officer had summoned his Wartortle. "Wartortle," yelled
the officer, "Dodge his wing attack and smash him outta the air."
Spanky flapped four times and dove straight for Wartortle,
slashing his wing across Wartortles face. Wartortle grabbed at his
face, but shot a powerful stream of water out of his mouth, knocking
Spanky into a mad fall, unable to regain control. Spanky fell with a
resounding thud, followed by over a hundred musicians cringing and a
police squad laughing and cheering.
"Get up Spanky," ordered Score, "Dodge his water guns!"
Spanky shook off the pain and flapped high into the air.
Wartortle shot many short, powerful bursts of water, each dodged
nimbly by Spanky. Spanky saw an opening and dove toward Wartortle.
Wartortle expected another wing slash across the face, but instead
Spanky stuck out his wings and  swung behind Wartortle, who stupidly
put his head between his legs to see what Spanky what doing. Spanky
shot at the legs and knocked him head over heals. Wartortle flew up
and smashed down upon the hood of his trainers police car.
"Spanky, whirlwind!" shouted Score.
Wartortle flew back but managed to get hold of the lights on
another police car.
"Spanky, faster, blow it away!" said Score.
Spanky flapped even harder and Wartortle couldn't hold on
"Toooooortttttleeee!" <Help me!>
Wartortle dropped down into a forest on the fringe of the
Spanky flapped casually into the forest and returned a few
seconds later with a dazed and beaten Wartortle. "Looks like you won,"
said officer, "Thanks for the match." Score's parade now had a police
The waiter back at the restaurant carried two large silver
platters with 5 massive plates of spaghetti and one meatball platter
for Eevee. The group waited patiently for the waiter to serve them.
The spaghetti's warm, noodlely goodness flooded their mouths with
pleasure. Eevee panted excitedly for the waiter to put down her plate.
He bid them good day, and Eevee dug in like a Diglet. The small
Pokemon got cheese all over her face and plowed through her food. The
group didn't even chew their spaghetti and on-lookers thought they may
be some type of pellicans.
Suddenly, they heard blaring sirens and and saw Score tearing
down the street with hundreds of freaks following him.
The group each dug into their pockets and dropped their money
onto the table. John asked the waiter to put their meals in a doggy
Outside the restaurant, Score was whooping and bouncing down
the street. Long colorful buses stopped in the middle of the street
and started unloading guitars, drumsets, keyboards, and stage lights.
"What's going on Score?" asked Jamie.
"Pokestock 99! It's here! It's here!"

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