[PW!] PokéStock '99: Not Quite Yet

"Yipee!" yelled TAC in a very Anakin Skywalker-like fashion.
   Jamie calmed the others down. "PokéStock still won't even happen for another
two days!"
   "Oh right," said Tiki. "That gives us time to challenge Erika."
   "Okay," said Pipian. "Let's do it."
The group pushed the gym doors open and stepped through the grassy overgrowth,
and eventually met up with Erika.
   "Are you all challenging me for a Rainbow Badge?"
   Jamie ran up to the gym leader. "I could use an easy badge! Let me go
   "Sure thing. Two-on-two work for you?"
   "That's fine with me!"
   "Wait a second!" yelled Tiki, "why are you being so nice to Jamie, but so
mean to me?"
   "It's a girl thing," said Erika.
"Tangela, go!"
   "Go Nidorino!"
   "Oh, now she uses her grass Pokémon..." Tiki murmured.
   "Tangela, Constrict!"
   "Nidorino, Double Kick!"
   The two Pokémon leapt at each other. As Tangela outstretched its vines,
Jamie's Pokémon kicked them back at it. The grass Pokémon didn't give up, and
brought on another onslaught of vines. Once again, they were blocked by the
kicking opponent. Neither Pokémon was getting an advantage.
   "Nidorino, Horn Drill!"
   "Tangela, Absorb!"
   The plant Pokémon focused on Nidorino, and sucked a piece of health from it.
The Nidorino recovered, however, and quickly bashed it with its horn. The
Tangela shuddered from the impact, and fainted.
   "Return Tangela!" yelled Erika. A beam of light sucked Tangela back into the
confines of a Pokéball. "Go Vileplume!"
   "Go Magnemite!"
   Vileplume waddled towards the floating Magnemite, which waited for its
   "Vileplume, Acid attack, now!"
   "Magnemite, use your Thundershock!"
   Magnemite, being faster, blasted the slow Vileplume with its electric
attack. Unfortunately for Jamie, the attack was shrugged off. Vileplume then
shot a blob of acid from its petals, permeating Magnemite with the sticky goo.
   "Now, Sleep Powder!"
   Vileplume shook its petals, and tiny spores floated towards Magnemite.
   "NO! Magnemite, use the holograms!"
   A second later, the electric Pokémon flicked on its holoprojectors, creating
copies all around the room. The copies rotated around the confused Vileplume,
which missed.
   "Now, shock it!"
   Out of one of the many Magnemite came a surge of electricity. The Vileplume,
which was taken by surprise, couldn't prepare for the blitzkrieg, and was
blasted across the room. It didn't recover.
   "Yipee!" Jamie jumped up and down with joy.
   "That was a great battle," said Erika. "You have great training skills, and
it was great battling with you." She then handed Jamie her Rainbow Badge.
   "So who else wants to play?" she asked the rest of TAC.

Re: By Thatguyty

     "We'll battle," said Score, trying to sound tough.
     "We? Uh, ok, alright," agreed Erika, giving her Vileplume a Full
Restore potion, "Tangela, constrict whatever he throws out at you."
     Roo, Score's Kangaskhan was sent out. Two vines flew from Tangela
and bound Roo tightly before it could react.
     "Roo, snap the vines, you can do it!" said Score, trying to
encourage his frustrated Pokemon. Roo wrapped the two vines around his
wrists like handcuff and with one mighty pull he snapped the vines in
     "Gela!" <Ouch!>
     "Tangela!" ordered Erika, "Retract those vines and send out two
     "Roo, give it a comet punch," said Score.
     Roo wound up and smashed its Titanic paw into Tangelas "torso"
repeatidly. Tangela flew back and smashed into a row of rose bushes.
Erika held her pokeball in Tangelas direction and sent out Vileplume.
     "Vileplume, put it to sleep!" screamed Erika, scaring the shit out
of Score with the shrillness of her voice. Vileplume spread its petals
wide and began to release spores into the air.
     Roo looked at Score, who winked and nodded. Roo stepped back about
20 feet, took a deep breath and held it. Score yelled "Go!" and Roo
flew towards a worried Vileplume. Roo unleashed numerous Comet Punches,
a Mega Punch, and a Dizzy Punch combo and let out a mighty roar.
Vileplume, dazed but not beaten began its Petal Dance which confused
Roo and dug into his hard, leathery skin.
     Score brought Roo back and let out Spanky. Spanky popped out of
the ball and cawwed, "Pidgeeeeeeeeooooooo!" <That's why they call it
the cage baby!>
     Vileplume sent a  variety of spores Spankys way. Spanky caught
some stun spore in the face and lost its balance in mid-air. It started
to plung toward the ground seemingly unaware, but swooped at the last
minute to fly towards Vileplume at an alarming rate.
     Vileplume desperately tried to dodge the psycho bird, but was
grabbed with razor sharp talons and lifted high to the top of the gym.
Spanky flew a flew times around in the air, with Vileplume screaming
and crying. Finally, Spanky dropped the Vileplume into the canopy of a
short tree, bumping it's head on each branch.
     "Hehehehe! I mean, uh, Vileplume, you alright?" said Score,
     "Well it looks like you won," said a disappointed Erika,
"Vileplume are you alright?" Erika handed Score a Rainbow Badge, which
he gratefully put next to his Boulder Badge on his backpacks top flap.
     Score opened his backpack and tossed Vileplume a max potion and
some of the food from the doggy bag he had gotten from the chef at the
     "Oh, thank you," said Erika, "Have you been training Pokemon for a
long time?"
     "Not really, I just started a few months ago," said Score, sensing
opportunity, "Hey, wanna get some dinner after your matches today."
     "Sure!" said Erika, "But I'm obliged to offer your friends a
match. So who's up?"

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