[PW!] And As He Goes He Like To Sing, An Eevee By His Side!

"Since I've already got my badge, I'll just go for a walk."

"Ack! He's under Mewtwo's control again! Stop him!" shouted Pipian,
tackling John.

"Pipian, calm down. I'm not under control by anyone, this is my
individual thought." John got up and walked out.

"<Hey, wait up, John,>" said Keri, the Eevee newcomer. As they left,
they heard Score say, "We'll battle."

As the duo walked through Celadon, John soaked in the surroundings. In
one area the bands were preparing for Pokéstock. John decided he'll
check out the Game Corner during the concert. In another area two
trainers were comparing Vulpix. To his left was a couple arguing about
where they're going next. Another area revealed a Trainer boxing with
his Mankey. Somehow these last three incidents remonded him of his old
life. A tear formed in his eye.

This did not go unnoticed by Keri. "<John? What's wrong?"

"Huh? Oh, I'm just remembering my life on the Ranch. Ariel and I were
care-free then, doing our chores, training Pokémon and wrestling. I'm
not griping, that's just how I feel."

"<I understand. But remember, if you hadn't left, you would not have met
your friends and had your adventures.>"

John sighed. "Yeah, I guess you're right. Come on I'll buy you a..."

"Hey you! Hand over that Eevee!"

John and Keri turned around and saw Bonnie holding Nurse Joy in a full
nelson. Clyde was nearby, with a gun at Joy's head.

"Hand over that Eevee, and Nurse Joy will be released <sniff>. Refuse,
and her brains will decorate this street! And while you're at it, hand
over the rights to the Laramie Ranch. What is that smell? <sniff> Ahhhh!
My foot's on fire!" Clyde jumped around, dropping the gun. Joy took this
time to elbow Bonnie, then tossed her into Clyde, judo style. The two
tumbled onto the ground, then looked up to see a trio of very mean
looking Eeveelutions. "Spark, Ariel, Flash, Eeveelution combo!" Flash
let loose a Fire BLast, Ariel let loose with Water Gun, and Spark
finshed it off with Thundershock. As luck would have it, an Electrode
rolled by. Bonnie and Clyde landed on it, and were then blown up into
the sky by Explosion. Ping!

John smiled. "There's nothing like beating Team Rocket to make you feel
better. Good thing I let you three out earlier. Nurse Joy, are you
okay?" Nurse Joy grabbed John and gave him a big kiss, then brushed
herself off and headed back to the Pokécenter.

"I'll take that as a yes," said a rather surprised John. He and Keri
then went back to the Gym just in time to see Score finish off Erika.

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