[PW!] Two Extordinarily Unexciting Battles

    "I'll go next!" said Pipian.

    "OK!" said Erika.

    "Go Victreebel!"

    "Pipian calls... Pyro!"

    "Victreebel!  Vine Whip!"

    The Charmander had slashes on his body from head to toe.

    "Pyro! Rage now!"

    Nothing happened at first, but Victreebel was attacked with slashes from

    "Victreebel! Razor Leaf!"

    Pyro was hurt moderately.  But his rage at this turn of events raised
his attack.  He slashed at Victreebel again, sending it into a wall,
draining almost all of its hit points.

    "Victreebel!  Our only chance is to put it to sleep with your Sleep

    Victreebel splurted out powder and the powder, unfortunately, just
missed the Pokémon.  Pyro lined up with Victreebel, giving it one last slash
to faint it.

    "Return!  Victreebel!"

    "Pyro!  Come back!"

    "Now it's time for Tangela to GO!"

    "Go! Umm... Hrmm..."

    "Come on, I can't wait all day..."

    "Umm... Kadabra!"

    "OK!  Tangela! Wrap!"

    "Kadabra! Teleport before they get you!"

    Kadabra teleported out of the way of the approaching vines.

    "Now Psychic!"

    The Psychic blast hit Tangela and blasted it to the back of the room,
wiping out all but one of his hit points.

    "Tangela! Wrap again!"

    Kadabra teleported again.

    "Kadabra!  Give it some of your Psybeam!"

    It did, and the Tangela fainted.

    "You are a great trainer!  Here is your Rainbow Badge!"

    "Why thank you!  Here's some Max Revives for your Pokémon!"

    "Thanks!  Next?"

    "I'll go next!" said Orion.

    "One thing," said Tiki, "Why did you go easy on him too?"

    "Oh, Umm... Err..."

    "She knew I was going to give her some Max Revives!" Filled in Pipian.

    "Uh... Yah!"


    "Go Venusaur!"

    "Go Maggie!"

    "Venusaur!  Solar Beam!"

    Venusaur charged up.

    "Maggie!  Ember!"

    Venusaur was blasted by fire, draining about half of his energy.  It
then released a Solar Beam, which almost wiped out the Magmar.

    "Maggie!  Confuse Ray!  NOW!"

    A ray came out of Maggie which hit the Venusaur, confusing it.

    "Venusaur!  Razor Leaf!"

    The Venusaur, confused, hurt itself, draining almost all of its hit

    "Maggie!  Ember!"

    The Venusaur fainted.

    "Venusaur Return!"

    "Maggie Return!"

    "Go Kadabra!"

    "Why do you have that?" asked Tiki.

    "It's fairly smart..."


    "Go Hmm...  Starmie!"

    "Kadabra!  Psybeam!"

    Due to Starmie's partially Psychic nature, it only partially hut

    "Starmie!  Hydro Pump!"

    The Kadabra fell back.  Erika obviously did not keep Teleport on it.

    "Kadabra!  Confusion!"

    The attack missed!

    "Hydro Pump Again!"

    Kadabra fainted.

    "Here's your Rainbowbadge."


    Orion walked back to the group...


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