[PW!] Jamie's Secrets Revealed

"Gambling's never been my thing, personally," Jamie said to Pipian as John ran
back to the Game Corner.
   "Really? Didn't that used to be Team Rocket's base of operations?"
   "Well, yeah, but I don't think I was ever really into Team Rocket, either."
   "What do you mean by that?" Jamie could sense Pipian's interest, which made
sense, since she kept to herself most of the time.
   "I never really understood the whole thing. It all was so disorganized, so
random. I guess I'm just a perfectionist. At one point, I got sick of all the
ineffeciencies, so I quit."
   "Just like that?" The two were walking towards the bright lights and loud
music of PokÚStock 99.
   "Well, I probably shouldn't say this, but about four months ago, I was
assigned to a top-secret project. I'd get in big trouble if I gave any details,
but it would have been big trouble for everyone. It probably would have worked
too, but the boss called it off at the last second. So I left."
   "So what happens when you don't see our mission useful?"
   "That won't happen, now it's gotten personal," said Jamie, thinking back to
her bout with Mewtwo.
   They both stood silently for a moment.
   "Enough about me," said Jamie, "I sense you've been holding something back
about your past. Tell me about yourself."

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