[PW!] Pipian's Secrets Revealed

    "Well, I was originally from an alternate universe," said Pipian.

    "Now THAT'S interesting..." said Jamie.  "How did you get here?  And why
do you look like a normal person?"

    "Well, in my original universe, we..." he stopped as his mind tried to
repress any information from his past life.


    "Oh, I'm trying to think...  I must be repressing my old memories...
Anyway, in my old universe, we play with video games..."


    "Somehow, we have video games and paraphenalia that just happens to
resemble this universe."


    "But you aren't in the game, of course!"

    "That's good..."

    "I somehow, when I tried to electronically reprogram the game, I somehow
was warped to this universe."

    "Hmm... Yes."

    "I happened to assume the life of someone with my original name, Pipian,
who happened to be a Psychic trainer in Saffron."


    "I later learned in some visions in dreams, that had Mew, that I was
brought to fight Mewtwo."

    "So that's why you joined up with Tiki?"

    "Not exactly...  Before you literally dropped in back at Fuschia, I met
Orion.  I met him while I was new on my journey."


    "I did not know of my quest at the time, though...  Anyway, I continued
along with Orion and we eventually beat Brock, Misty, and Surge and wound up
in Fuschia.  We battled Koga, and then I accidentally ran into Tiki.  He
fainted with a psychic vision, and John just happened to walk up.  We took
Tiki to a hospital, where we formed what would be The Anti-Mewtwo Crew.
Soon after, I had the dream with Mew, who explained why I'm here, and then
talked with Tiki, and that was where our mission to fight Mewtwo was born.
You promptly dropped in a few minutes after we decided to fight Mewtwo."


    "Orion, however just decided to follow along with us because he was my
friend...  He has no actual reason to fight Mewtwo...  Or at least for
now...  He well...  Nevermind."

    "Nevermind about what?"

    "He told me not to tell..."

    "About what?"

    "Orion! Come here!" said Pipian.

    "OK!" said Orion as he scrambled over towards the two.  "What do you

    "Orion?  Is it OK?"

    "About what?"

    Pipian whispered the secret to Orion.

    "What about it?"


    "OK.  Umm...  Well Jamie, errm... I'm not all I appear to be."

    "Don't tell me... You're some Mutant/Alien too, right?"

    "Heck no!  Why would I be that?"

    "Umm... Because of what you said..."

    "Sorry...  Well, I didn't know this, but I (For some odd reason) was

    "What's so big about that?"

    "Here's the clencher...  I am an illegitimate child..."

    "What's so big about THAT?"

    "Here's the bigger clencher...  I am the illegitimate child of Ash and

    "What the heck!"

    "Yah, well, you shouldn't use me, but, because of that, I can get
certain things through this hotline.  I don't know what though."


    "And here are two other things...  you know 'the Gift' I talk about?"


    "Umm... It allows me to understand what Pokémon are saying.  That's why
I knew what Keri was saying."


    "And there are other things yet to be revealed from 'the Gift'..."

    "The other thing..."


    "Relates to the mysterious disappearances of Drowsee..."

    "YOU STOLE HIM!?!?!"

    "NO!  I'm not a criminal.  I'm borrowing him to train my Psychic

    "NOT YOU TOO!"

    "Yes.  Pipian?"

    "Umm...  You may be wondering why I have Hypno?"

    "No.  You're training your psychic powers up to incredible levels,"  she
said dully.

    "You guessed!"

    "No, I assumed."

    "O... K...  By the way, how do you always manage to find a bat or some
metal pipe when Team Rocket attacks?"

    "It's something you learn in the Team Rocket Women's Training Course."


To Be Continued in another unthrilling episode of... Errm... Well... This
series of Poké Wars Posts...

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