[PW!] Erika's...... Habit

Andrew, Co, Koji, and Shock stood silent. Score flexed the
muscle that normally would have raised his eyebrow. He reached out a
long, muscular finger and poked Co. When this got no reaction, Score
said, "Well, if any of ya change your minds you know where we'll be."


A few minutes later, after some various adventures, Score found
Jamie talking with Orion and Pipian.

>"O... K... By the way, how do you always manage to find a bat or some
metal pipe when
>Team Rocket attacks?"
>"It's something you learn in the Team Rocket Women's Training Course."

"Wasssssssssup you guuuuys?' said Score, smiling and seeing
some non-existant colors.
"Score, you look.... messed up," replied Orion, "What happened
to you?"
"Well, we weeeerrrre walking out of the mosh pit when this
chiiiiiiiiick offered us some Oddish leaves," replied Score, his neon
green eyes now a bright red.
"So you were off doing drugs?" asked Jamie, "The poor Oddish!"
"You shoulda seen it," said Score, "Those Oddish leaves...
we'll tell YOU.... not quite LSD, not quite weed... just a little pinch
of magic goes a loooooong way. It was like some bizzare dream where
this kid named Dima is the kiiiiiiiiiiiiing of the newsgroups and he
keeps doing all this funky crap and then a bird came and -"
"Save it," yelled Jamie, interrupting Score's babblings, "We
should go find Tiki. He's missing all the fun."
"Oh yeh... we've got a date with destiny... uh.... Erika....
yeh..... that's her name right?" Score babbled on without noticing, "On
the plus side, we grabbed a Rhydon... we think we'll name him Horny!
Yeh! Horny, it works on so many levels...."


Back at Erika's gym, she was busy fighting a long string of
opponents. Score stumbled up to Erika between fights and reminded her
of their date.
"Score, have you been smoking up?" asked Erika.
"We got this Oddi - we mean no... whatever gave you that
impression?" murmured Score.
"You were smoking Oddish leaves?" asked Erika, "Have any more?"
"Wha - ? Yeh, we got some right here," he pulled off his
backpack and opened it to reveal several joints. Underneath of the
several joints was a doobie the size of a submarine.
"Whoa! How bout that sucker Score? Let's have that one," begged
"Erika, don't you realize that those hurt the Oddish?" asked
"Actually, it's quite beneficial to the Oddish. When pruned of
its 'special' leaves it grows its adult leaves faster and it can evolve
faster and be stronger overall," argued Erika.
"Oh, uh..... have you seen Tiki?" asked Jamie.
"That way," Erika said, pointing out the door, reaching for the
massive joint in Score's backpack.
Orion, Pipian, and Jamie walked out the door, leaving Score and
Erika with their leaves and a long string of competitors.

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