[PW!] Let's Get Out of Here Before the Stage Explodes!

    Pipian, Jamie, and Score had left the Gym when Tiki walked up with Keri.

    "What happened to you guys?" asked Pipian.

    "Well, we wandered off from the Gym, because I decided that she would
just use her good pokémon on me again, and we wandered around Pokéstock.  I
*did* have a cool trip! It was Psychodelico!"

    "Umm... You had some pottish, didn't you!"

    "No!  I had some BSPD!"


    "BellSprout Psychodelic Drug!"


    "Anyway, when I recovered from that, I was here with Keri."


    Just then, John walked over to the group.

    "Well, I didn't win anything."

    "It would be unlikely," said Orion.

    "Well, since the group's here, we might get a move on.  Do we have
enough money?" asked Tiki.

    "Umm...  I spent all our winnings..." replied John.

    "OK...  Looks like we'll have to walk to Fuschia and Surf to Cinnabar
again.  I heard that they allow pedestrians on Cycling Road, now."

    "OK...  At least I don't have to share with Orion, I have Iiryu!" said

    "Who's that?"

    "My new Dratini!"

    "Oh, good!"

    A bunch of rioters then came around the corner.

    "Nooo!  There are a bunch of Hippie rioters and they want to destroy
Pokéstock '99!" said Score.

    "Oh, well, we might want to get out of here before the stage explodes!"
said Tiki.

    They quickly left Celedon, and were getting on Cycling Road when the
stage exploded.

Re: By Tiki

    The Gang walked toward cycling road they reached the gate and was
stopped by the guard, "Uhh kids, do you guys have any bikes to travel
on?"  He asked.
    "No I thought we were allowed to walk across the bridge." Tiki said.
    "Technically you are, but it takes almost two days to reach the
other end on foot, so if you don't have any bikes you better get some
supply."  The group walked to get some supply they met up again at the
bridge an hour later, with plenty of supply, "Alright go right ahead."
the guard said, "Oh and becareful not to try and fish and especially
don't go swimming in the river we've had some sightings of some really
nasty gyrados tht have been bothering people that go near the water."
   "Thanks for the advice," Jamie said, "I'm sure we'll be able to
handle it, Right?" She looked at her Caterpie for reassurence, but it
quivered for a second with fear then dove into Jamie's open backpack.
"Well.... someone will handle it I'm sure."
   The group walked for about six hours with nothing happening out of
the ordinary, they eventually reached a brake sight and decidedx this
would be a good place to sleep.  They got out their various newly
purchased sleeping  equipment and went to sleep.
   At about three am Tiki woke up, he had to go. "Ahhh man I'm so warm
in here and it's so cold out there, what should I do?" Tiki pondered
the fought for a sec, "uhh I better get up."  Tiki walked over to the
near by laterine and went in.  He couldn't see the purple flash off in
the distance though.
   Mewtwo apperead over the river in a flash of purple energy, "Mmmmm,
the young one is getting closer to me, it's time for the tests to begin
to see if he's truly ready for the truth." Mewtwo's eyes started
glowing, the water underneath him started bubbiling, and then a dozen
or so gyrados's heads popped up, their eyes glowing purple, "My
minions, go to that campsite over there," Mewtwo pointed toward T.A.C's
campsite, "Attack them, if you must kill someone do so, but don't kill
the one they call Tiki, he might be salvagable after all."
   The Gyrados nodded their heads turned and started swiming towards
the campsite, Mewtwo chuckled to himself and teleported away.
   Tiki stepped out of the bathroom, refreshed and ready to go back to
sleep, when he heard a grumbling sound, at first he thought it was his
stomach, but then he heard a loud
"ROOOOOOAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!"  He turned around to see a large
amount of Gyradoses swiming toward their campsite.
   "Uhhhhh, guys...." Tiki said, no one stirred.  "HEY SLEEPING PEOPLE
!!!!! GET UP!!!!!!!!"  This got everyone up.
   "Tiki.. what is.... it"  Score said, "We're tired...."  Then there
was another loud roar, everyone jumped up and looked to see the Gyrados
almost upon them.
   "Uh oh, we've got some BIGGGGG problems." John said.

Re: By Pipian

    "Crud!" said Orion.

    "Ahh!  I have Volt!" said Pipian.  "And Iiryu."

    Pipian released the two pokémon and told them to Thundershock and
Thunder Wave.  However, the attacks had almost no effect, other than making
the Gyaradoses madder

    "CRUD!" they all said in unison as Pipian brought his pokémon back.

    "Looks like we'll get to Fuschia sooner than we thought!  LET'S RUN!"
said Tiki.

    The group began to run, but the Gyaradoses were too fast for the group
and caught up with them.

    "C...R...U...D!" they said.

    "Umm... We can't quite out run them, so we HAVE to battle them!" said

    "OK!" the group said as they let out their pokémon to battle in what
seemed to be a nearly futile battle.

Re: By Syke6888 L

"Well, you know what they say, fight fire with fire! Go, Renta!" The
Gyrados appeared. "Attack... Hey!" John leaped back just as his own
Gyrados attacked. "What the hell," was what John said before Renta
swallowed him.

"JOHN!" shouted T.A.C. Suddenly Renta's mouth started to open. John
pushed hard but soon realized he couldn't escape. "Hey guys! A little
help here?" That was futile, because all of T.A.C's Pokémon were being
trashed by the Gyrados. "Uggh, now I know how that knight felt in the
movie 'Dragoniteheart.' Phew, Renta needs a breath mint."

While still doing his best at remainig ourside his Pokémon's gullet,
John surveyed the situation. Gyrados were going down hard, but more
seemed to take their place. Jamie was out of the battle, not to mention
consciousness. Score tried his best, but soon Roo and Spanky fainted.
And Tiki... Tiki was in a situation similar to John's, as a Gyrados
grabbed him and swam off to parts unknown. "Dammit! They got Tiki!"
shouted Pipian. Next thing they knew, the battlefield was empty. All the
Gyrados left as well, and T.A.C's Pokémon were beaten. And as for
John... he was still stuck. "Dammit, I have to reach Spark." John
kneeled down and and tapped the pokéball. Spark appeared and immediately
yelped upon finding out where he was. "Spark, no time to spaz out, use
Thundershock!" Spark released his energy, which knocked out Renta. John
and Spark climbed out and saw T.A.C. trying to recover. " Where the hell
did they take Tiki?" asked Orion. Score smiled, then held up a Pokéball.
"I managed to catch one of these creatures. It should tell us what we
need to know. ok, it should tell Orion what we need to know."

Re: By Tiki


   Tiki's eyes opened, he was just regaining conciousness. "Uh where am
I?"  He could barely see anything it was so dark there was just a faint
glow of light around him, then he inhaled, "Awww I smell like fish." He
then noticed that he was tied down and that his pokemon his staff and
everything else except his clothes were gone.  He tried to use his
psychic powers only to hear a loud screech in his ears.
   "Hmmmm, this device is more useful than I originally thought,"
Mewtwo stepped into the light, "How nice to see you awake Tiki, I hope
your comftorble."  Mewtwo smiled.
   "What do you want Mewtwo?" Tiki asked irritated by Mewtwo more than
anything else.
   "Tiki you still haven't figured it out... I want you, your something
I have invested a lot of time in, and I want to cash in on my
investment." Mewtwo layed the APB down on the ground, then the syrum,
"What was this for, young one were you trying to reduce my power, im
sorry but you wont be able to do that." Mewtwo threw the syrum on the
ground it broke and spread across the ground.
throughly awake and enraged.
   "All will be revealed soon Tiki."
   "Why are you keeping me here why don't you just take over my mind?"
Tiki asked.
   "I wish it was that easy, but I unfortunatly cannot control your
mind.  At least not as simply as I did your friends.  No you will take
some convincing."
   "I will never help you, and why do you need my help anyway?" Tiki
   "There are some things that not even I can young one, and that's why
you're here, soon you will be what you are supposed to be and the truth
will be revealed, until then just rest." Mewtwo turned around and
walked off into the darkness.

    Score released their new pokemon "Gyrados tell us where Tiki and
Mewtwo are!" Score commanded.
    The Gyrados was about to respond when his eyes glowed purple and he
thrashed about in pain.  Jamie woke up to see this site, "Wha.. what's
going on?"  Score recalled their pokemon and they all walked over to
Jamie and explained it.
    "Well Score it looks like your Gyrados can't tell us where Mewtwo
is." John said, "Maybe Mewtwo supressedhis memories or something.
    "So how do we figure out where Tiki is?" Orion asked, "We have a
one in three chance of getting it right, there's Cinnibar, The Pokemon
Tower or The old Power Plant."
    "We could split up and investigate all of the possibilities but
we'd be so far spread out that when one group found Mewtwo he'd simply
kick there butts."  Pipian said.
    Everyone stared off into deep thought.  It was about dawn when the
silence was broken by Keri, "EEVEE!!!"
    Everyone looked to Orion for a translation, "She said she has an
idea." Orion said.
    Keri then started talking very excitedly, Orion nodded his head in
agreement, everyone waited for her to stop and for Orion to translate,
"Keri says, that maybe Tiki has a tracking device on his computer that
she's seen him use a couple of times, but if we could only find soemone
that could trace it." Orion dictated.
    Everyone was silent again, then Jamie's eyes lit up with an idea,
"I'VE got it, that dude it Palett I bet he could trace Tiki, but only
if Mewtwo hasn't disabled it. "But how do we reach him? None of us know
his phone number and Palett is mighty far away."
    Once again silence, everyone thought about this new problem, then
Pipian got an idea, "I know I can send my Haunter to the guys house and
he could just fly threw the walls and give the guy the message."
    "I don't think that will work Pipian, it's an awfully long way to
Palett for a Haunter to fly.  We need to make contact with him fast so
we can start heading in the correct direction, who knows what Mewtwo is
planning to do with Tiki."

    Tiki had been trying to figure out where he was for quite sometime,
then it came to him.  He looked up to where his light source was, he
then looked around him the light was in a perfect circle, but it was
highly restricted to the circle.  He determined that it couldn't be
natural light, so that means it was electric.  He knew that the Pokemon
Tower didn't have any sources of electricity and he guessed that the
old lab at Cinnibar wouldn't have any electricity.  That meant that he
was most likely in the power plant, but how could he give that message
to the others?

Re: By Pipian


    "We could use Spanky..." said Score.

    "Nope.  Too slow," the others replied.

    They sat in silence, thinking how they could contact him, when Pipian
blared out, "I'VE GOT IT!"

    "What?" the others asked.

    "My Kadabra!  He could teleport there and deliver the message!"

    "Great idea!" responded Jamie as she began to write the letter to the
man in Pallet.

    After a few minutes, Jamie finished the letter and gave it to Pipian's

    "Kadabra, you know where the man in Pallet who we talked to way back
when is?"

    "Kadabrra!" it said as it nodded it's head.

    "Please take this message to him and bring back his message."

    "Kadabra!" it said as it teleported away.

    "Now it's a waiting game."

    After about 15 minutes, Kadabra returned with a letter.

    "It says," said Pipian, "So Tiki's missing as a result of Mewtwo you
think, huh?  Well you are lucky that I installed psychometers at all of the
three sites.  I noticed a sharp spike in psychic force at the Power Plant
just recently, so it is likely that Tiki is there!  You'll need to get there
as soon as possible..."

    "Well that stinks," said John.

    "Well, we'll need to backtrack..." said Orion, "So we'd better step on


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