[PW!] Plans

    Tiki sat in the dim glow of light bored out of his brain, he was so bored that he didn't even care that he was being held by Mewtwo.  He just wanted something to do someone to talk to.  Then he blacked out, he woke up in the middle of a large field.  He got up and walked around for awhile until he came to a bridge covering a torrent river.  He looked across to see Jamie, Orion, Pipian, Keri, John, and Score. Their faces looked the same but they had goat bodies.  then Tiki reliezed he HAD a goat body.  He looked across and noticed that the grass was greener on the other side (thats a no brainer), so he decided to go over there.  As he crossed the bridge a giant green troll jumped out from under it, it had Mewtwo's face.
    "I AM GOING TO EAT YOU UP!!!!!!!!" it yelled.  Tiki was frozen with fear Mewtwo bent over to eat him when he heard a yell he looked to see a pikachu jump at Mewtwo.  It hit Mewtwo and Mewtwo flew off the bridge.
    Tiki immediatly realized the pikachu as the other one from the other visions.  Then the pikachu turned into blue goo, it then turned into a featurless humanoid.  It looked at Tiki and offered Tiki it's hand.
    Tiki woke up, in another cold sweat, this was his first vision in a long while, so this pikachu they'd been looking for wasn't even a pikachu, but what was it?
    Mewtwo sits in a chair Cross and Tilk stand next to him.  A human stands in front of Mewtwo, they cannot be seen except for their outline rom the back.  The human stands their motionless.
    "So boss what are you going to do with it know?" Cross asked.     "It has been very useful in its purpose, soon it will finish it's purpose and I shall destroy it." Mewtwo replied.
    The person still stood motionless.
    The gang had reached Saffron, and needed to sleep at a hotel.  They were exhausted from walking continously for days.  They all settled down and went to their own rooms.
    Score was resting peacfully when they heard a noise outside their door, "Who's their?" they asked.

Re: By Tiki

    Cross and Tilk stood in front of Mewtwo, "So boss what do we do
with Tiki now?" Tilk asked.
    "We let him go..." Mewtwo said.
    Cross and Tilk facefaulted, "But boss what was the point of
capturing him if we're going to set him free?" A confused Cross asked.
    "We needed to get him away from the others.  And we're not setting
him free. We're providing a way for him to escape he will take it and
then leave.  Then we send it after him, after a little confrontation,
if all gose according to plan, Tiki will be ready to serve his purpose."
    Cross and Tilk looked over to the motionless figure, who still did

     Tilk is above Tiki looking down at him through a window, there had
been a large storm yesterday, and this was key to the "ESCAPE,".  Tilk
took a small glass of water and let a drop fall onto the APB. Tiki
noticed it.  When the water hit the APB fizzled for a sec.  He figured
the water came from the storm, and it had dripped through the old
building.  Another drop hit, Tiki used the second to use his powers  to
start untieng his restraints.
      After about five minutes of that he was free, he took the APB and
walked around.  He eventually found a stairway.  After wanderting
around he saw Mewtwo and Cross talking in a room.  Tiki saw his
pokeballs and stuff, he turned off the APB.  And managed to use his
powers to move his stuff to him.
      He got everything on and then managed to escape without Mewtwo
seeing him... or so Tiki thought.  "Hmmmm soon Tiki soon."  Mewtwo said
      Tiki exited the building to discover that he was correct it was
the power plant.  He got out Bullseye, but Bullseye had been tortued by
Cross and Tilk and one of his wings were broken.  So Tiki got out Twirl
who was fine.  Tiki started surfing out of the power plant area.  He
tried his computer, batteries were removed.  SO he was going to have to
do it the hard way by surfing to Ceruleun then start walking back
toward Celadon.  As he surfed along he wondered what was happening to
the others.

Re: By Syke6888 L

As he lay in his hammock, John pondered the past few incidents. Score's
new Gyrados was no use, despite the hell they went through to catch it.
Speaking of which, John realized he could never get Renta under control.
he left the hotel and walked to a small lake outside Saffron. There he
took out Renta's Pokéball and pressed the Release command. Fortunately,
Renta was asleep. John did not want to spend more time in his mouth.
John tiptoed back to the hotel.

>     Score was resting peacfully when they heard a noise outside their
> door, "Who's their?" they asked.

"Room service," a voice said.

"I didn't order anything," Score replied.

"Well I got... Ugh! OOf! Ouch!" Next, there was silence. Score cautiosly
opened the door and saw John standing over a hog-tied thief. Score
raised an eyebrow.

"Tauros calf roping. Best activity on the Ranch."

Score sent out Roo, who picked up the theif and headed to the nearest
Officer Jenny. Despite her confusion, Jenny thanked the Kangaskahn and
carried the theif away. Score returned Roo, then headed back to bed.
John decided to do the same, but noticed the door to Jamie's room was
open a little. John crept in and placed some flowers he had picked
earlier into a vase near her. He crept out, closed her door, then headed
back to his room. John hopped into his hammock and fell asleep, despite
Spark's snoring.

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