[PW!] An Explanation for Everything and More, Next... On the Mew and More Show!

    Pipian was troubled.  He just couldn't sleep.  Why did Mewtwo want Tiki?
He had no idea.

    "You'll see," said a voice, who Pipian instantly recognized as Mew.

    "What happened to you, Mew?"

    "Uh...  Err...  Well..." said Mew, thinking of an excuse.  "Uh, Goddish
didn't like me interferring."

    "Uh, OK...  What happened to my Hypno?"

    "Plot hole."


    "A Plot Hole."

    "Ahh.  And that's why I am no longer becomeing  powerful as a psychic
along with Orion?"

    "Nope.  Omniscient."

    "Ah.  But a Plot Hole must explain why I'm much different in my
personality than when I started."

    "Yup.  Same reason you caught Weedle, but it dissappeared, but later
came back."

    "And it's why Orion couldn't exist in real life because of substantial
flaws in the timing of his birth and Ash and Misty's lives?"


    "OK.  What did you mean, 'You'll see?'"

    "Umm, all I can tell you is that Tiki is leaving the leaves of
electricity for the bluest city."

    "Umm...  In English PLEASE, Mew?"

    "OK.  Tiki's escaping from the Power Plant.  That's all I can say."


    "Gotta go be omniscient and mess with someone else's story line! Bye!"


    The next morning, Orion, Pipian, and Keri (Who were conveniantly in one
room) woke up, when Pipian got a call from the front desk.

    "Hello?  Is this Pipian?"


    "Umm,  Something has just been sent to your room.  You will see in a few

    "Uh... OK."

    In one minute the lights all over the hotel shut down as two somewhat
familiar characters walked down the hotel hallway.  They knocked on Pipian's
door.  Pipian opened the door.

"Prepare for trouble and make it double!"

"To avenge the world with devestation!" said Bonnie.

"To destroy all peoples in every nation!" said Clyde.

"To take revenge on truth and love!"

"To take the earth and the stars above!"



"Team Rocket, Blast off at the speed of light!"

"Do what we want or you will lose the fight!"

"That's right!"

"Char- IZARD!"

    They quickly ran into the bedroom, released their pokémon and grabbed
Orion and Keri, crashing through the window and flying towards the west to
Viridian City.

    "We've got problems..." he said to himself.

    Soon the electricity turned on again as two bellhops (or whatever they
were) stepped out of the elevator.

    "Sorry we're late.  You are Pipian, aren't you?"


    The bellhops began to sing the happy birthday song and handed him a
present with a videoscope with his mom's personal video that he sent him.
Pipian closed the door and played the videoscope.

    "I don't know where you are, but I just wanted to wish you a happy
birthday, even if it might be late.  You can open the presents, and please,
give me a call when you recieve this.  You know our number:  (723)

    He opened the presents, which turned out to be a Game Boy with Pokémon
Pinball, a bunch of Pokémon TCG cards, and a few empty ultra balls.
Afterwards, he called his friend's rooms and told them the good news, the
bad news, and the other good news.  They got ready quickly and headed
downstairs to the restaurant for breakfast, and the chance to talk this
events over with each other.

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