[PW!] Mission Complete

              "Go Aerodactyl!" said Bonnie.  Aerodactyl immerged,
expecting a fight.  He was a little disappointed, as nothing was
happening.  He hung his head down, despite always losing fighting WAS
fun.  "Hey Aerodactyl, we need you to give us a ride to Viridian City,
we have what Giovanni wanted us to get" said Bonnie.  "Dactile" replied
Aerodactyl.  He thought he was too high to have to do such a bad
mission, but gave up, as he figured it's the best he would get.  He
nodded, and lowered his back.  Clyde and Bonnie stepped up onto his
back, and dragged Keri and Orion up onto Aerodactyl also.  Just as
Aerodactyl was about to take off, they were interrupted.  "Either
you're ATR's or I'm calling the police" he said.  Bonnie and Clyde
turned around to see a kid, pointing.  "I'll take care of him" thought
Clyde.  Bonnie nodded.   Clyde leapt into the air, and stuck the
landing perfectly.
              "Pinsir, Kabutops, Gyrados, Blastoise TAKE CARE OF HIM!"
yelled Clyde.  The Team emerged, and charged.  The Huge Dragon, known
as Gyrados released an immense beam of energy.  The Kid dove to the
right, just in time.  The Shockwave from the blast knocked him over,
but he wasn't hurt bad.  "Go Pikachu, Magmar, Voltorb, and Poliwrath!"
said the kid.  "PIIIIKAAA!" screamed the Pikachu.  It fired a bolt of
thunder at Gyrados.  [OOC: This next part is based on what the TV show
said in the Pokemon Shipwreck Episode, Misty said Gyrados had skin as
hard as rock]  Gyrados shrugged off the beam.  "How the?" screamed the
Kid.  "Gyrados has skin as hard as stone, no Thunder will penetrate
that" said Clyde.  "Return Pikachu" said the Kid.  Voltorb then tried a
Thunderbolt on Blastoise.  Blastoise pulled himself into his shell, so
the Thunderbolt was ineffective.  The Kid recalled Voltorb also.
Magmar released a powerful blast of Fire on Pinsir.  Pinsir was injured
badly, and charged.  He clenched Magmar in his Pincers, and squeezed.
Magmar was crushed, and fainted.  Pinsir released Magmar, and fainted
himself.  Clyde and the Kid recalled those 2 Pokemon.  Kabutops and
Poliwrath squared off.  Kabutops slashed away at Poliwrath, leaving him
badly cut.  Poliwrath struck back with a combo of punch's and kicks.
Kabutops reeled, but stood up.  He delivered the final slash, but
fainted too.
               "Hah!  You're Pokemon fainted!" said the Kid.  The Kid
spun around, to see Blastoise and Gyrados.  <This part is Censored>
Clyde dragged the nearly dead kid up to a tree.  He recalled his
remaining Pokemon, and returned to Bonnie.  "Good Job on the kid, you
really messed him up" said Bonnie.  Clyde smiled.  Aerodactyl launched
himself into the air, and began to flap like mad.  He rode a Thermal up
to a good altitude, and went full speed.  They were soon in Viridian,
and sooner in Giovanni's office.  "Very good Bonnie and Clyde.  How did
you get them here?" asked Giovanni.  "Sleeping gas" replied
Bonnie.  "Very clever, I must reward you for this outstanding work"
said Giovanni.  Clyde and Bonnie smiled.  "We're sending a shipment of
Pokemon to the Game Corner, I will allow you each to choose 1 Pokemon"
said Giovanni.  "What will happen to these 2?" asked Clyde.  "That will
be told on a need to know basis, you do not need to know, DISMISSED"
said Giovanni.  Clyde and Bonnie walked out of Giovanni's office.  They
walked to where the Shipment was being sent, and each chose a Pokemon.
Bonnie chose Porygon, as she was talented in Hacking, and Clyde chose
Magnemite, as he was talented in mechanics. 

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