[PW!] Prepare Yourself

     Tiki reaches the outskirts of Ceruleun.  He is exhausted and
starving, he returns the equally exhausted Twirl to his pokeball, and
goes to the pokecenter.  There he gets a nice cheap room and some food
for him and his pokemon, he gives his tortured and batterd pokemon to
Joy. Tiki goes to his room and washes up, he returns wearing his shades
and cloak.  After he eats, his pokemon are returned to him.
     Tiki considers moving onto Saffron immediatly but he is too tired
he must get some sleep.  He goes to his room and falls asleep as soon
as his head touchs the pillow.
     The next morning Tiki wakes up to a scream.  He jumps up and grabs
his stuff, and runs out of the room while getting dressed.  He gets
fully dressed by the time he reaches the main lobby.  What he sees is a
man with a crazed glaze in his eyes, holding a joystick type device,
pushing down a button on it.  In his other hands is a small automatic
COME!!!!!!"  he yelled, he then flicked his trenchcoat open, revealing
over two dozen sticks of TNT strapped to himself.  Under the dynam,ite
you can make out a large red "R".  "Now all of you little BUGS give me
your pokeballs NOW before I blow YOU ALL up!!!!!"
     Trainers complied and gave the crazy man what he wanted.  Soon
almost everyone had put his pokeballs into the bag. However one man
stood there defiantly, "I REFUSE to give you my prized pokemon!" The
man said.
     The Rocket walked over to the guy and simply blew his head off
with his gun, "THERE anymore INSOLENT ones in this bunch?" He asked.
     Characteristaclly, Tiki would have taken the guy, with his powers,
but if the man was shot back or hurt, he might release the button
blowing the place up, so Tiki no no choice.  He undid his belt and to
throw it to the criminal when Tiki had an idea.  Tiki drops his belt
containing his pokeballs.  As he thought his pokemon come out.
     The criminal seeing this fires off a couple of shots, but then Zip
unleashes a thunderbolt on him, paralyzing him in the process.  When
this happens the authorities rush in, defuse the bomb and take the man
off to jail.  Tiki is feeling very proud until he realizes that Charm
is missing, he looks around and sees Charm sitting in a pool of blood
she was hit.
      Tiki rushes to her and runs over to nurse Joy, who immediatly
takes her into surgery, hours later Tiki is still waiting for Joy to
come out.  When finally she does. Tiki runs up to her, "WILL CHARM BE
ALRIGHT?!?!?!?" HE asks yelling.
      Joy takes a breath and.....

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