[PW!] Whoa

"Well, you know how things go," babbled Score, "We're sitting here,
looking for Tiki, and before you know it some big assed dragon is
stealing your marshmallows,"

"Huh? What was that Score?" asked Jamie.

"We, we don't know..." replied Score, "We can feel something...

<You must help John> ordered the parasite.

<But, Tiki...> thought Score.




<What'd you mean, 'no'?> asked Score.

<It appears we have different... agendas>

<What agenda?>

<I must get to Fuschia> said the parasite <... to spawn>

The rest of T.A.C. watched bewildered, as Score seemed to be going into
spasms. Jamie reached out and touched Scores shoulder. His skin turned
a bright blue where she touched him.

<It's my body> argued Score <You're not going anywhere>

<It's OUR body, and if YOU want it, you're out of luck.>

Score whipped his head back and let out a mighty roar. The air seemed
to tremble with his pain.

"Score?" said Jamie, "Fight it! Don't let go!"

Inside his head, Score's will was battling that of the parasite which
had transformed his body into this monster. 7 feet tall, aqua colored
skin, bright green, owl-like eyes, and rippling muscles.

<You can't win!> cried the parasite.

<I'll never let you do this to anyone, EVER!> growled Score.

<I've given you superhuman agility! I helped you evolve! And THIS is
how you repay me!?>

Suddenly the parasites past became clear to Score. Like a foggy window
suddenly becoming crystal clear. Score mentally sifted through the
memories, trying to find something usefull, to help him defeat his foe.
He saw thousands of hosts; kings, queens, peasants, peons, warriors,
rogues, laborers, hobos, rich, poor, even a few Pokemon. The parasite
skipped hosts as it pleased, ruining lives, even causing death in some
of it's hosts.

At last, he found the lead he needed. A girl, about Scores age. She was
incredibly beautiful. She had fiery red hair that flowed down her
shoulders and back. Her eyes were bright green, reminding Score of his
own. Her lips were crimson red. She was tall and slender with an
hourglass figure, and an above average bust for her age. She was
wearing a yellow spaghetti strap shirt and blue denim shorts.

Score peered deeper into the memory of the girl. The parasite had taken
quite a liking to her. You might even say, he fell in love with her.
But he became greedy. He wanted her all for himself. So much so, that
he killed her.

<You killed her!> bellowed Score.

The parasite became peaceful. <I loved her. She was too good for anyone
but me>

<Murderer! You killed her you SOB! She's so innocent!>

The parasite dropped it's guard, thinking about her innocence. Just
long enough for Score to take full control of his body. He clawwed
madly at his head. T.A.C. looked on in horror. They saw a bulge appear
in his forehead, turning Score's aqua colored skin deep purple on the
lump. The lump grew and grew till it was the size of a grapefruit. It
popped making a loud explosion.

Score fell backwards onto the ground. His open wound was soon covered
over by his thick skin, regenerating at an alarming rate.

"He's gone," said Score, "I'm free."

His body remained monsterous, giving him a sense of deep dread. He
retracted his aqua armor and brought his two pronged tongue back into
his mouth. His former body, still 7 feet tall, became exposed. A thick
brown coating covered his body.

"She's alive!" screamed Score.

"Who's alive?" asked Jamie.

"The girl from the parasites memory!" yelled Score, "No time to
explain! I have to go to Fuschia."

Score's spiky brown hair sprung to life and he scrambled around in his
backpack for his clothes. He could feel his body slowly shrinking back
to 6'0", and not nearly as muscular. Spanky was released from his ball
and stared, surprised at Score. Score threw on his clothes and grabbed
Spanky's talons. The big Pidgeot flapped madly, and soon Score was out
of site.

T.A.C. decided now might be a good time to pick up their jaws and talk
it over.

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