[PW!] Scyther Surprise and Viridian Rescue!

The Beginning is skipped as it has nothing to do with Orion or Keri

"Psst! Over here!" a voice called. Blizzard turned to look, and saw a boy,
chained to a wall, inside the cell. Beside him was a small Eevee, also tied to
a wall, via a manacle around its neck.
"Bui! Bui!" the Eevee cried, "Please help us!"

Blizzard cocked her head, once again. "Persian Purr?"
"I know what you're saying," the boy began, struggling against the chains, "My
name is Orion, and I can understand Pokémon. If you help us now, I'll see to
it, that you eat well tonight.
"Er... sure..." Orion pikued. "I can get you a Jigglypuff," he said, without
really meaning it. Blizzard took the key in her mouth, and carefully undid the
lock to the door. Once inside, she handed it off to Orion, who undid his
manacles, as well as the ones restraining the Eevee. "Let's go..."

The trio piled out of the cell, and began to search for a way out of the
"We could probably get out the way you came in..." Orion began, addressing
Blizzard, "but there's a good chance that someone might see us. That would be
bad." He scooped up the Eevee, and walked down the hall, in the opposite
direction. It was a dead end, but there was a window on the wall.
Unfortunately, the ground was a good ten feet down. Orion closed his eyes in
concentration, carefully trying to consider his options.

"Mrow Mraow?" a voice sounded sourly, behind them. The group whirled, and saw
a second Persian watching them, swishing his tail.
"Persian..?" Blizzard squinted at the cat. "Who..?"
"Mraoow." he shrugged. "Worthless stray. Return those prisoners at once."
"Stray?!?" Blizzard bristled, "Who are you, to call me a Stray?"
"I belong to the master of this Gym," the Persian replied, with a smile. "Do
you know who that is?"

Blizzard shook her head, honestly.
"I know." Orion cut in. "Your master is that lowlife, Giovanni."
"Ah, so you know of him." the Persian laughed, unimpressed by Orion's ability
to understand him. "It's only fair that you would, since he seems to know of
you, and cares enough about you, that he'd have you captured. Not that that
credits you, in the least. All the same, I strive to protect my master's best
interests, and if his interest is to have you captured, I shall see to it, that
you remain here."

Giovanni's Persian let out a catcall of sorts and unsheathed his claws.
Blizzard did likewise, and stepped forward to meet him. Suddenly, an odd look
came over Persian's face.
"You..." he whispered, "You're..."
"What?" Blizzard queried, almost dropping her guard.
"You're the one who... the white Persian..." he stopped, the initial surprise
beginning to wear off. "GUARDS! GUARDS!"

Any Rocket in the building at the time would have heard a horrible "maowing"
coming from prison wing D. Alarmed, they quickly came running...

Blizzard scowled. "What's all this about? The 'one who' WHAT?"
Persian's glare hardened. "My master...and I... we shall have you."

From the hall, Blizzard could now hear the sound of approaching feet.
Panicking, she slashed the other Persian across the face; and she, along with
Orion and Keri, dove through the window.

A few feet below, an irate Scyther was buzzing about, trying to locate its
target. There was a thud, as three separate bodies fell on it, knocking it to
the ground.

"Wow," Orion sighed, "good thing that Scyther was there to cushion our fall.
Let's get out of here!"

And so they did.

Continued By: Pipian

    "Where are we going to stay tonight?" asked Orion.  "A Pokemon center?"

    "No, I always get caught or tormented by someone there.  I *AM* a wild
Persian you know, and a very uniquely colored one, as you can tell."

    "Well, I can sleep out easily.  Luckily, I still have my pokemon.
Giovanni just purposely put them all asleep, so I can't battle."

    "I don't like captured pokemon.  They always seem so much like mindless

    "Mine aren't.  I know, because they've told me."


    "I'll go to the Pokemon Center to get my pokemon healed with Keri."

    "OK.  I'll meet you outside of the city limits in ten minutes."

Continued By: Cat-Gonk

Viridian Forest, somewhere.

"I don't know, I could have sworn we weren't alone."

There was nothing but the dense, think forest around them, thin rays
of light filtering through the canopy.

{OOC: Pokespeach translated)

[We're in Viridian, right?]
[Did we go to Hellion?]


Far, far away in Azure Heights, an enraged Cat-Gonk forcefully screams
out a certain adjective. A adamantium gauntlet crashes into the wall
beside him.

"And people claim to have READ Revelations...."


[I'm meant to challenge Giovanni], said Samuraichu. He searched around
in his backpack, and pulled out a roll of velvet cloth. Carefully, he
unfurled the precious cloth on a tree stump, revealing six shining Gym
emblems. [I've got six badges.]

"You're going to need to take out Brock first. How about we go to
Pewter next?" White Blade withdrew his katana, and took a few practise
swings. "Draconi COULD fly us there..."

The rather obese Dragonite shook its head. [Not in this forest.
Viridian City, perhaps.]


Weapons sheathed, the trio made their way back to Viridian City.

Part of Pipian's Previous Post:

    Pipian walked to the Pokemon Center with Keri to get their pokemon
healed.  They then walked out to meet Blizzard.

    "Bui! We got our pokemon healed." said Keri.

    "We should stay here tonight.  I'll help you get a Jigglypuff soon.  I
promise.  There are tons of them up near Mt. Moon, and that's only a few
days walk from here," said Orion.

    "Purr... You'd better.  I saved you from that Giovanni guy."

    Orion got his sleeping bag ready.

    "How'd you guys get into the grips of Team Rocket anyway?" asked

    "Well, I originally joined up with this Team called TAC, short for The
Anti-Mewtwo Crew, with my friend Pipian.  We battle Mewtwo, but not in the
pokemon way.  We sort of do a battle in a cat and dog way.  Mewtwo bugs
us... He captures and trys to torture one of us... That person escapes and
tries to fight him again...  Anyway, we found Keri here in Celedon, where
she lived for about 14 years, after becoming a scientist's apprentice.  She
somehow got turned into an Eevee by some accident.  I have some special
powers, one of them being the ability to understand pokespeak.  I have no
idea what the others are.  That's why Team Rocket wanted me.  Keri here
learned that she was to become either a Team Rocket Member or be kept in the
jail.  She also learned that her parents were very wealthy and Team Rocket
killed them not only for the money but for information on some scientific
research they funded, more specifically work on the Transpokefier Gun, the
Master Ball, and the Silph Scope.  Her father was either a Vice President or
President of Silph Co," said Orion

    "About TAC?" asked Blizzard.


    "Did you have any reason to chase Mewtwo?"

    "No.  Neither of us do.  We've sort of lost interest in it because there
is nothing that has directly affected either of us.  We really want to leave
TAC for these reasons.  Can we travel with you?  You don't seem to have any
major aims other than to eat a Jigglypuff."

Continued By: Bandraptor

"So anyway," Blizzard was saying, "there I was, at Ronnie's Bachelorette, and
who should come in, but ARTICUNO, drunk off his ass... and I'm like, 'Hey,
Arty! Can't you see, you're drunk off your ass?!' and he's like... 'I'm not
*hic* drunk, I'm jus' a social drinkah.' so I'm all, 'Arty, you're drunk!
Gimmee your keys!' and he said, 'I'll givya th' keys t' my apartment, hoochie
mama...' and that's when I slapped him upside the head."

The Persian was cheerfully recounting her days as a resident of the Seafoam
Caves. Naturally, Orion's first question had been whether she knew the
legendary Articuno; and when she replied that they were close friends, he'd
been longing to hear her story. Now, he was just bored. And they had a long way
to go, before they reached Mount Moon.

"Bui..." Keri began, hopping on Orion's head, "The Viridian Forest sure is
dark. Do you think there are wild pokémon in here?"
"I know there are," Orion replied, "but nothing to worry about, really. Maybe
some Caterpie, and a few Kakuna, or something."
"Bui, who's worried? I was hoping to catch something..."
"Hey, there's something," Orion responded, absently, "take a look."

Ahead of them was a Clefairy... and a Dragonite... and a HUGE Raichu.
"Think we should warn Blizzard?" Keri asked. The Persian was a short distance
ahead of them, and apparently not paying much attention to the road.
Orion shook his head. "Too late."

Part of Cat-Gonk's Previous Post:

Finally, the trio had found a safe path out. Viridian City was in the
distance, but four (Blizzard, Orion, Pipian and Keri, right?) figures
stood on the road

[What the hell?]
[That's one big Persian.]

And in the same manner in which he met all of his friends, Samuraichu
brandished his halberd, psyched up a Swords Dance and walked forwards
for a duel. The Persian seemed like a worthy foe.

Draconi clenched his talons, and stepped forwards, ready to protect
the four oncoming figures. It was of the Dragon elements, it could
easily take a Raichu of the same level. But White Blade pushed the
flat of his blade across Draconi's round belly.

"Let him. It's how he makes friends."

Part of Bandraptor's Previous Post

"Persian?" Blizzard cocked her head, curious. "You seem quite large, for a
Raichu. I think I shan't bother eating you today, as my stomach is already half
filled. However, if you were to come back tomorrow..."
"Rai!" Samuraichu shot back, "today would be best."
"Bah." Blizzard chuckled, unsheathing her claws, "very well. A little game of
cat and mouse, then. But you'd better not try anything funny, or I'll--"

"Rai!" the Raichu called, bringing his blade down, in front of her head. He
had no intention of hurting the Persian, he simply wished for her to shut up,
so they could begin their duel. The Persian took the bait, surprised, she leapt
back a foot, and fell to the ground baring teeth. Samuraichu struck at her
again, but this time, Blizzard ran under the sword, and whipped around,
intending to bite his arm. No good. Samuraichu was too fast, and easily avoided
her attack.

"Sian," Blizzard muttered. The Raichu had a definite advantage-- his sword. On
the other hand, Blizzard herself had a size advantage. If she could pin him,
the match would be hers.

"Rai!" Samuraichu swung his blade around, once again. In a flash of
inspiration, Blizzard grabbed hold of the handle in her jaws, nearly crunching
Samuraichu's paws, in the process. She let the momentum of the sword carry her,
then put all her weight into the ground, and slid. Samuraichu, refusing to let
go of the blade through all of this, toppled over on his back.

"Rai raichuu..." he complained, as Draconi chuckled softly.

Blizzard simply lay on the ground, right where she had landed. She was tired,
bruised, and worst of all, her beautiful fur was caked with dirt. A few feet
away, the Raichu was getting to its feet, and Blizzard didn't know if he was
going to attack her again.

Continued By: M.W.F.

"Whoa whoa whoa!!  Samuraichu, I think she's had enough."  White Blade,
the Clefairy, walked up and put a hand on his friends shoulder.
"Remember, you do have a distinct advantage, and that's weapons

"Raichu! Rai chu chu!!" [Comeon!  This is fun!]

"For you yeah, but of the others?"  White Blade looked at the others,
who stood there shocked (mentally ^^)  "And look!  You got her coat
dirty.  Give her a chance to clean herself off."

Samuraichu looked a bit unhappy.  "Aw cheer up.  Besides, I don't want
either of you getting hurt.  A Persian's claws, if they're so inclined
to, can scratch metal.  Imagine what they do to Pokeguts."

The group of humans just looked on strangely.  White Blade looked at
them with a deadly SKS (Super Kawaii Smile) and said, "Hi there!  Name's
White Blade!  This is Samuraichu and the Dragonite behind me is
Draconi.  Who are you guys?"

Continued By: Pipian

    "Eevee, Ee, bui.  <I'm Keri.>" said Keri.

    "And I'm Orion..." said Orion.  "I happen to have a gift to understand
poketalk, so If you don't want to talk in English, that's fine with me..."

    "Persian, Purr.  Sian, Purr, Purr. <I'm Blizzard.  What are you guys
doing here?>" asked Blizzard.

Continued By: M.W.F.

"We're heading towards Pewter City.  Samuraichu here needs a Boulder
Badge if I remember correctly.  Myself, I'm on a bit of a journey.
I'm... searching for some people."  White Blade seemed to get a distant
look in his eyes for a moment.  He then snapped to and  said in a hearty
voice, "But until then, I'm going to enjoy life as I can."

Draconi let out a soft growl.  Everyone except White Blade jumped.
"Yeah, Draconi, everything should be fine now."  He turned to everyone
else, "He's happy when everyone else is calm and peaceful.  That's
because...  Uh oh.  Draconi!  Don't you dare fall asleep!"  Too late.
The 10 foot tall Dragonite was already snoring.  "Feh, I can wake him up
if need be.  Say where are you guys heading?"

Continued By: Pipian

    "We don't really have any goals...  All we plan to do is catch a
Jigglypuff for Blizzard to eat, so we're planning to go on to Mt. Moon...
Not much else..." replied Pipian.  "We really ought to get going if we want
to get there ASAP...  Hey, why don't you join us...  We can take you as far
as Pewter...  Heck, I suppose we could stay with you a bit longer, past

Continued By: Cat-Gonk

"Chu! Rai rai raichu!" The large Raichu leapt in excitement. More
people meant more fun.

"He's fine with it," said White Blade. "We'd better leave now if we
want to get to the Mt Moon Pokecentre and get some sleep."

Continued By: M.W.F.

Viridian was strangely quiet.  Usually, you could hear the hum of a
Beedrill hive somewhere (hopefully) far off, or Caterpie chatting away,
but today it was real quiet.  Noone seemed to notice though.

White Blade could sense that someone wasn't feeling right.  It wasn't so
much fear as...  he couldn't put his finger on it.  Pewter City was
obviously up ahead.  Samuraichu could easily get his Boulder Badge and
be off back to Viridian City to get his Earth Badge.  White Blade didn't
know which way to go from there though.  Mount Moon would be the next
stop, but leaving such a friend behind on his own didn't seem quite
right either.
The noon sun was shining warmly and gently as the group enter the city.
Brock's gym was up ahead.  "Raichu!"

"Yeah, should be quick too."  White Blade laughed and thought of what
Brock would say when he first saw the Raichu, only to have something
else called out to fight.  Draconi lumbered behind, eager to see a
pokemon battle.

Meanwhile, in some bushes, a pair looked on the group.

"Hmm..  A white Persian!  The boss would love that!"
"Looks like she has sharp claws.  I'd be cautious."
"Well, there's a Clefairy too.  They're rare."
"Even rarer are ones that carry weapons AND talk.  Risky."
"True.  The Raichu is a bigger threat though.  I mean, whatever weapon
that is looks bad, but his electric attacks would be worse.
"Then thre's the Dragonite.  A prime specimen too.  And he likes to
sleep alot.  One moment of weakness and he's ours."
"That Dragonite looks familiar though."
"Bah, most pokemon look the same if you ask me.  Besides, with our
Hypno, Muk, Victreebel, and Vileplume combined, they wontt stand a
"Time to make up for lost time, Alice."
"You said it Alysia.  Team Rocket will have a new specimen by days end."

Continued By: Bandraptor

"Meeh..." Blizzard purred, heedless, "What's the point of these Gym Battles?
All they do, is prove how strong the Pokémon are, and that has very little to
do with their trainers."
"Bah..." White Blade responded, "Everyone knows that trained Pokémon are more
powerful than wild ones. Perhaps one of these days, you'll do yourself a favor,
and allow a human to train you, as well."
"Not likely." Blizzard tossed her head. "I'm as strong as I'll ever be. I can
beat up those so-called "trained" Pokémon, with my claws sheathed."
"Want to prove that last statement?"

"Purr?" Blizzard stopped short.

White Blade was grinning coyly. "Prove to me, that you can defeat a trained
Pokémon. Come with me, to the Pewter City Gym, and we'll both face off against
Brock. If you win, I'll eat my hat."
"You don't have a hat."
"Well, when we get to Mount. Moon, I'll help you get your Jigglypuff."

Blizzard's eyes narrowed. "And I suppose that if I lose, you'll want to train
"Well, it probably wouldn't hurt," White Blade admitted, "but obviously, I'm
not going to force you. Besides, I've got my own Pokémon to worry about," he
added, gesturing to the dozing Dragonite, "Keep in mind, however, that most
wild Pokémon never grow past level 50. Under a trainer's guidance, they can
reach as high as level 100."

The Persian chuckled. "While some Pokémon are so weak, as to benefit from a
trainer's hand, I can assure you, that I am not one of them. Purr... I'll fight
against this Gym Leader of yours... I'll fight him, and win!"

Continued By: M.W.F.

They followed Samuraichu to the gym and stepped inside.  Looking over
the battleground, White Blade could see nothing had changed.
Samuraichuwas getting ready to battle Brock.  "Raichu!  Rai chu chu!!"

Brock looked at him and said...  "Huh?  Did someone lose a Raichu?"

White Blade stepped forward and translated. "He said he wants to
challenge you for a badge!  And after that, this Persian and I want to
fight the strongest pokemon you have."

Brock marrowed his eyes (is that possible?) at this new opponent.
"Alright then!  2 on 2 battle!"

Continued By: Cat-Gonk

Vaulting backwards to avoid the rockscape scenery sliding out from the
walls, Samuraichu took hold of his halberd and his Pokeballs. He'd
probably have to go it alone, his Pokemon weren't suited to take on
Brock's rock/ground types.

Expresso, Cappucino and Jolt were weak to rock/ground types, Tentakewl
and Mocha were too young and Tsunami wouldn't fight in a League match.
Thinking over his battle plan, Samuraichu took hold of a Pokeball and
hurled it forwards with a flourish.

"Chu! Rairai chu!"

Expresso, Samuraichu's strongest Pokemon. He still wore his top-hat
and bow from the wedding at Pallet. Cappucino watched from the
railings, along with Blizzard, White Blade and the legions of

"Geodude! Go!"

The second Geodude was released from the Pokeball, Expresso released a
Smokescreen from his many spouts shrouding the arena in a thick
blanket of smog. Taking advantage of the momentary loss of sight, he
rushed forwards with Double Edge.

Red light trailed behind Expresso as he surged forwards. This was his
first gym battle, and though the odds were stacked against him he had
to win. Cappucino, his bride watched from the railings, hovering
beside the mini-Brock, wedding dress of particular amusement to the
legions of small children.

A metallic clang echoed through the gym as the smoke cleared. Expresso
lay half-buried in the dirt of the battle platform. Geodude was barely
scratched by the attack.

"Geodude! Rock Throw!"

Hefting up a boulder from the arena, Geodude pulled its arm back for
the deadly Rock Throw.

"Chu rai rai!"

Another Smokescreen blanketed the arena. Another clash of metal on
metal, and then another. This time, when the smoke cleared Expresso
was the one standing, slightly the worse for wear but Geodude was
stuck firm under his heavy projectile.

"Return!" Brock withdrew two Pokeballs, caught Geodude in one and let
the other sail into the arena. "Go Onix!"

"Koff, ee?"

Under normal circumstances, the massive rock snake wouldn't be a
threat. But Samuraichu had no Pokemon that could hurt it, other than
himself. While the somewhat cratered Expresso floated up to the
railings, terrified, Samuraichu took hold of his weapon and stepped
into the ring.

"Onix! Slam attack!"

Samuraichu considered setting off the sprinker system, but that would
be dishonourable. Some stupid kid a few years back had beaten Brock
with that tactic, and reduced the reputation of the Pewter Gym to
nought. The Raichu pushed off into the air for a downwards strike,
blade shimmering in the floodlights.

Onix was termed useless by most trainers, as it was unable to
withstand any form of special attack. It could even fall to most
physical attacks, bar standard strikes and tackles. Samuraichu's
frenzied attacks glanced off the rock-snake's hide, though he was too
fast to be hit in return he knew he wouldn't get anywhere.

Slices that would have cleaved straight through flesh and bone left
mere scratch-marks on Onix. Club-strikes from the pole-weapon's pommel
bounced off like a tennis ball on concrete. Samuraichu was a Level 100
according to League statistics, but despite all his power he was
unable to harm his foe.


Onix drew back, Samuraichu had admitted defeat. Expresso and Cappucino
wanted to fight on, but Samuraichu had already used his two Pokemon.

"My turn." White Blade leapt from the railings into the ring, leaving
Blizzard with the Koffing and the mini-Brock. Samuraichu was the
stronger of all three, how could he stand a chance against the same
Onix? Brock hastily treated Onix with spray from a Full Restore
atomiser, and sized up the katana-wielding Clefairy.

Samuraichu flipped onto the railings, disheartened.

"Do you ninja-types know of stairs?" asked Blizzard in her purring
Persian voice. "Leaping forwards and backwards must surely tire you

Samuraichu was silent. A Brockette was playing with his long tail, and
another sat up on his shoulders. Samuraichu always like playing with
little kids, after all, he was only five himself.

He needed something better if he was to have any chance, something
that could disable his opponent in a single hit. Something like a

Continued By: M.W.F.

Brock looked for a moment, and thought which would be the best to use.
"Hmm...  he's wants the strongest.  I'll give him the strongest I got."
He shouted out to the strange little Clefairy, "You want the best?  I'll
give it to you!  This isn't a Badge Challenge, so I'm free to use him!
Aerodactyl, attack!"

A pokeball came flying out of Brocks hands and landed in front of White
Blade.  Up jumped a ferocious Aerocadtyl, hungry!  White Blade thought,
"Holy crap!  I guess he got so tired of losing that when he got to fight
a free for all, he really wanted to let lose!"  White Blade immeadiately
went on the defensive.  A snap of the blade and the light that shimmered
around him told people he just used Barrier.

The Aerodactyl didn't care.  He swooped down and slammed White Blade
with his wing, sending him flying.  White Blade wasn't out of it yet.
For all his sword could do, a Aerodactyl rock-like skin would deflect
it.  He decided to stop thinking like a trainer and more like a

From out of nowhere, a soft sound started filling the room.  Noone
realized what White Blade was doing until the Aerodactyl started slowing
and landed.  It hit the floor and fell asleep!  Brock stared on in
amazment, he wasn't used to seeing that attack from Clefairies.  Brock
tossed an Awakening, but White Blade had started shaking back and
forth.  Brock knew this one, Metronome!  White Blade's eyes suddenly
shined as he rushed towards the Aerodactyl, grabbed him, jumped in the
air, and slammed him on the ground with a Seismic Toss.

The Aerodactyl shook it off.  He looked straight at White Blade, crossed
his wings in front of his face.  White Blade wanted out of the way as he
knew what was coming.  Too late, the Aerodactyl unleashed a power Hyper
Beam and sent White Blade flying.

White Blade laid there, tired.  He was done, beaten.  The Aerodactyl
wasn't done.  He moved towards White Blade, mouth wide open and looking
hungry.  He closed in...

... when a Hyper Beam came out of nowhere!  The Areodactyl was slammed
almost into Brock.  People looked at the source and saw Draconi standing
there with a pissed off look in his eyes.  He walked over to White
Blade, picked him up, and carried him off.

Brock recalled his Aerodactyl and laughed.  "Been a long time since I've
been able to use him.  He wasn't going to eat him though.  He likes to
play around when he wins."  The Dragonite just looked over his shoulder
and snorted.

White Blade came around.  "Good Goddish, that hurts."  He rubbed the
back of his head.  "Man, that'll require some treatment.  Blizzard?  You

"Purr?"  <What do you want?>

"Nothing.  It's your turn.  Beat him and I'll help you find that

"Oh, so I got a Persian to play with now.  What should I send out for
such a pretty Pokemon?"

Continued By: Bandraptor

"Ah, I know..." Brock said, with a grin. He pulled a pokéball from his belt,
and tossed it into the ring. A flash of light shot from the ball, immediately
coiling into the shape of a huge Onix.

"IWAAAAARK!" the rock snake bellowed, tossing its head, and revealing its
scarred left eye to the trainers.

"Again with the Onix," White Blade droned, clearly disappointed.
"Not just any Onix," Brock replied. "This Onix is stronger, faster, and more
powerful than any other Onix in the world! It belongs to none other than Bruno,
leader of the Elite Four!"
"Oh..." White Blade facefaulted.
"He didn't want to use it, in today's battle, so he's letting me take care of
it for a while." Brock added, matter of factly.
"That's odd," White Blade mused. "If this Onix is as strong as your claim,
wouldn't it be advantageous for him to use it? The Elite Four fights to win,
after all."
"Under normal circumstances, yes," Brock admitted. But today they're fighting
Icy Pikachu. Now, let's get this match started! Onix, go!"

"WAAAARRRRK!!!!" Onix roared, rearing up in front of Blizzard.
"Pershian!" the cat hissed back.

Blizzard glared at the battle-scarred Onix. It'd have more scars, by the time
the match was through. Onix growled back, and without warning, threw its entire
body down at her. Blizzard jumped, to narrowly avoid being crushed. The Onix
crashed down into the rocky battlefield, leaving a long fracture where it hit.

Fast as lightning, the rock snake righted itself, and lunged at Blizzard,
mouth wide open. The Persian ducked out of the way, as the jaws came crashing
closed, but the Onix mirrored her movements perfectly. Like a bear trap filled
with diamond fangs, the jaws snapped shut behind her twice again, before nearly
taking off her tail with a third bite. Desperate to buy herself time, Blizzard
tried to leap away from the snake, but was brought down by a smack of its tail.

Blizzard lay on her back, amidst the rubble thrown up by her impact. It was a
bad fall, and she couldn't seem to right herself.

Which was bad, because the Onix was now, once again, dangerously close to her
body. Its mouth slightly agape, the monster slithered towards her, eyes darting
back and forth. It paused to sniff the air, its head so close to Blizzard's,
that she could smell its mossy breath. The creature let out a soft "warrk"...

And moved on past her.

"Interesting," White Blade addressed Draconi, "Is it possible, that Onix can
only discern objects that are moving?"

The Onix carefully made its way across the field, checking each corner for
even the slightest bit of movement. Needless to say, Blizzard remained deathly
still. As it completed its second round, Brock let out a groan.

"It's over there! No, not there, to your left! Right in front of you!"
"Warrr..." the Onix grumbled, trying to understand its trainer's directions.
"Back up... now, look straight ahead..."

Frustration overriding its meager bit of common sense, the Onix went into a
bloodlust induced frenzy. It dove into the rocky battlefield, reducing one of
the mock mountains to dust, then smashed a second with its tail. It spun
around, trying to locate its intended prey, and when it still could not find
her, it hurled its coils through another range of mountains.

"IIWAAAAAAARRRRRRK!!!!!!" it howled, in utter fury. It raised its tail high in
the air, and with a single slashing motion, swept it down across the field.
This time, Blizzard was caught. She flew across the field, slamming into a
large rocky parapet.

"Shian," she whimpered, wincing at an injured shoulder. She glanced up, and
was amazed at what she saw...

A forty foot Onix
Flying through the air.

The thing had jumped. How the massive creature had managed to get off the
ground was beyond her, but now it was soaring towards her, jaws gaping...

The Onix crashed into the parapet, instantly bringing it down. The entire ring
was suddenly covered with a thick blanket of dust, raised by the force of the
collision. White Blade, Orion, Keri, and Samuraichu looked on anxiously,
waiting to see what had happened.

A gracile Onix neck rose through the dust, raising a head over the top of the
blanket. The creature pulled back its stone lips, in a snakelike grin-- in its
mouth, lay the limp form of a white cat. It shook her violently, then spit her
out, at its trainer's feet.

"Onix, return!" Brock commanded. He fastened the Pokéball to his belt, then
turned to the others, with a slight smirk. "I think I've dealt with all of you.
Why don't you come back, when you're ready to put up a fight."

"Raichu rai," Samuraichu muttered, as they went to retrieve Blizzard, "I never
knew he was such a jerk."
"In this case," White Blade sighed, "he's earned the right to gloat. Shall we
get going?"

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